Since there has been a great deal of talk about emotional connections to pet characters in video games lately (thank you COD MO-CAP Dog) I decided to compile a list of the pet companions that hold deep rooted places in my heart, that are far above the COD MO-CAP dog, enjoy:

Number 10:


  Shadow's Dog (Final Fantasy VI)

Not only did I get a kick out of Shadow's diving mask/snorkel combo head gear as a child, but the fact that every so often his mutt would occasionally run onto the field and maim an opponent made his dog just all the cooler for me. 


Number 9:

Mass Effect 3's Robot Dog KEI-9


KEI-9, while a totally useless piece of DLC during the course of ME3, was still a fun and mildly distracting distraction in the game.  It may have not kept me busy for more than 30 seconds, but it did distract my nephew for hours as he pretended to take him for walkies; also, he's a robot dog.


Number 8:  

Barkspawn (Dragon Age)

Whether rooting through Morrigan's undergarments, or trying to dig his way through the earth itself, this Mabari was one of the greatest companions in Dragon Age, and a constant summon during the entirety of Dragon Age II.  I can only hope he makes a return to Dragon Age III.


Number 7:


Sant' Angelo Di Roma (Final Fantasy VIII)

Possibly the first dog companion in a game that was primarily utilized as a wrist mounted cannon by the game's primary love interest.  Still to this day, Angelo's theatrics hold a special place in my heart, even as the game itself fades from my memory.


Number 6:



Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic The Hedgehog series)


While the primary source of pain and misery during my course of playing through Sonic The Hedgehog II, he still holds a special place in my heart.  You know, that place where you wish someone would have their feet placed in cement shoes and thrown off of the Death Egg?  Tails caused more boss related death than any other companion in any other game I ever played, so he deserves some sort of recognition.  It wasn't until I had finally reached the end of Sonic 2 that I breathed a sigh of relief because he was no longer following me around, and I could finally take care of business that I was able to actually play the game properly.  So, thanks Tails, you officially ruined my childhood.  It wasn't until I learned that I could turn him off, that I fully enjoyed the game, but without the constant threat of him killing me or getting blown up by a bomb at the last minute in a bonus zone, the game truly lost it's enjoyment for me.


Number 5:

Yoshi (The Mario Fame)

With this lovable glutton I ate my way through the majority of The Doughnut Plains, Chocolate Island, and The Vanilla Dome, and also developed terrible eating habits (such as eating Doughnuts dipped in vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce) but he quickly became one of my favorite pets when I learned that one of his brethren could fly.


Number 4:

Dogmeat (fallout 3)


Not only was he the very first non-hostile thing I met during my adventures in the Wastes of Washington D.C., but he was also one of the coolest.  When he died from being bludgeoned to death by that rampaging Super-Mutant, I cried bitter sweet tears as I barbequed his sweet dog meat for precious Sustenance. 


Number 3:

Professor Snugglesworth (Torchlight Ferret)

Not only did Professor Snugglesworth hold several PHD's in theoretical sciences, graduate from Guillard, and has successfully performed the first open brain transplant surgery, but he also gather's coin, and returns to town for me to sell all of my useless items.  Thank you Professor Snugglesworth, I am sorry you were bludgeoned by that enormous troll, and one day, I hope you come back to me.


Number 2:

Mutt (Fable II)

Quite possibly one of the greatest points in the entirety of all of the Fable series was this very character.  This dog holds a very special place in my heart, as I have never come across another furry companion who was ever willing to take a bullet for me.  Thank you Mutt, I will never forget you or your noble sacrifice.  Now where's my mountain of gold?


Number 1:

Repede (Tales of Vesperia)


Ask yourself two questions:  How many dogs do you know that smoke a pipe?  How many dogs do you know that fight with a knife?  None?  Me either, that's what makes Repede such an amazingly awesome pet character.  This dog's badass personality is only further enhanced by his stoic approach to everything and deeply profound barks.  Repede, you are truly my number one dog of all time.



I hope you enjoyed reading this, I may be posting more shortly.