Hello fellow GIO users!! Today Matt The Hedgehog and I will discuss what Sony needs to do with their struggling new handheld Playstation Vita.

Danimal412: Orange

Matt The Hedgehog: Blue

Matt The Hedgehog: Shall we start Danimal?

Danimal412: Why of course!

So Matt, do you know any plans that'll help Sonys new handheld Playstation Vita get back on track?

Matt The Hedgehog: Why yes I do man, yes I do. Here's exactly what the Vita needs!

1. More demos:

Matt: Do you know why the Vita needs more demos Danimal?

Danimal: Why?

Matt: Well it's because some Vita games in developement need demos. I know 1 new Vita game that needs a demo for Vita users to try out.

Danimal: And which game is it?

Matt: It's Sonic & All-Stars Racing:Transformed!!

Danimal: Of course!! That's it!!

Matt: I'm sure Sega will make a demo for the Vita version of All Stars Racing Transformed. Here's another reason.

Danimal: And what reason is that my dear Sonic fan friend?

2. A major Price cut:

Matt: The Vita.......... Needs a price cut!! For 3G only, Wifi only, and 3G + Wifi models for the Vita, and a price cut for those expensive memory cards. These price cuts need to take action for the Vita sales wordwide, if Sony wants to beat Nintendo's 3DS.

Danimal: You're right Matt, you're certainly right. And what else does the Vita need?

Matt: Yes, yes there is.

3. A bigger, and nice shiny collection of Vita Colors for Vita models.

Matt: The only 2 colors the Vita has, are black, and white. For god's sake there needs to be a bigger color selection for Sony's new handheld, if they want mutiple Vita units to be sold.

Here's a few color suggestions.

1. Blue Vita models.

2. Yellow Vita models.

3. Green Vita models.

And last but not least.

4. A Silver-chromed Vita.

Danimal: So thats what Sony needs to do with their Vitas!

Matt: Yup, you are correct sir!

Matt: Oh do you know what else the Vita needs?

Danimal: What is it?

4. Drop AT&T,  And pick up Verizon that could provide not only 3G, but 4G.

Matt: Here's the reason why Sony could use Verizon Wireless to help boost Vita sales.

We've seen Verizon and AT&T compete against each other a billion times right? I like Verizon, because everyone knows Verizon has much better cell-phone service than AT&T.

True fact: AT&T drops people's calls nearly once or twice a day. AT&T doesn't have as much 3G coverage, and for their 4G speeds, it's really slow, sluggish, and terrible.

But Verizon is by far, the superior provider Sony should've made a deal with. In fact Sony could've kicked out AT&T for it's provider, and used Verizon as their new provider during E3 2012.

Danimal: Wow. you're right man. I agree.

Well Thanks for reading guys!