Platform: Wii U (eShop)
Publisher: Nintendo. 
Developer: indies zero. 
Genre: Action. 
ESRB: E for Mild Fantasy Violence
Release Date: December 18, 2013

During yesterday's Nintendo Direct presentation, several games were discussed.  While most of these announcements were about games we already knew about (such as Mario Kart 8 and Kirby's Triple Deluxe), Nintendo managed to give us a couple surprises.  One surprise involved a certain franchise we all know and love that'll be crossing over with a beloved Tecmo-Koei franchise and ripping it up on Wii U later on.  Another surprise caught us completely off-guard too, in the form of a dozen or so classic NES games mashed into one, remixing the old with new ideas and calling it NES Remix.

NES Remix is packed to the brim with 200 or so challenges attached to different NES games such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, and even games like Clu-Clu Land and Golf.  While it begins easy enough, with challenges like killing 10 enemies while invincible as Mario, or jumping over 3 barrels, it quickly catches up to you and trips you up with lightning-reflex sort of challenges, like killing all the enemies in Mario Bros. while protecting Luigi.  As you complete each challenge, you can collect up to three stars on each stage--getting all three requires you to do your very, very best.

The variety doesn't stop there, though.  As you earn more stars and unlock more games to play, new Remix stages are unlocked.  These remix stages change up the original games in clever and sometimes completely difficult ways.  A couple times, I played a Remix involving Super Mario Bros. and had to run to my left, rather than the right like in true Super Mario fashion.  Another Remix tasked me with climbing up to the top of the first Donkey Kong stage--as Link.  I wasn't able to jump so I had to time my climbing and walking, but eventually I made it.

But my most challenging Remix yet involves a stage in Mario Bros. (not Super Mario Bros.)  Here, I had to play the stage while dealing with an upside-down screen.  I laid on my bed looking at the screen upside-down just to see what I was doing, and even then it was still hard.  Prepare to get frustrated with some levels, I guess is what I'm saying.  And I know it may seem like I'm spoiling a lot of stuff, but trust me, I'm not--like I said earlier, there are at least 200 stages ready to be enjoyed, so I haven't even began getting into all the game's content.

BOTTOM LINE:  This $15 download is jam-packed with content so I have nothing to really complain about.  I guess I could bemoan its GamePad-only control structure, but that's like complaining because you have to use a Super NES controller on a Super NES; it wouldn't make any sense.  So if you've got a Wii U and you absolutely love playing the games of our past, this is definitely up your alley.  It'll give you plenty of challenge and it won't disappoint.