Dear Nintendo:

You guys are a terrific company.  Collectively, Nintendo as a company reminds me of that cool uncle with all the neat gadgets that always manages to find a way to make me smile.  I'm sure there are still many opportunities for this to happen, but in the mean time there are some things you've been doing and things that have been said which make me question how things are going with you.

First and foremost, we all want to know exactly what happened to the "unprecedented partnership" that was supposed to occur between yourselves and EA.  Now, it seems they've done a complete 180 by saying they have no Wii U games in development.  Aside from the fact that this likely wasn't your decision, I think it's about time one of you should answer questions about what exactly happened.  It's just a little weird that a publisher can go from nearly bowing down to the Wii U, to shying away from its development completely.  What happened?  Does EA simply hate you guys or something?

And I don't need to be a YouTube partner to understand that there's something strange about you stepping in to take advertising revenue from "Let's Play!" creators on the video site.  While most of us can understand why you did that--after all, they are YOUR games being shown off--at the same time we can't help but be disappointed at the overreach.  It's cool that you're not making these creators take their videos down altogether, but considering that your loyal fans have spent plenty of money on your consoles and games, how badly could it hurt you that these creators are making walkthrough videos available freely on the internet and making a negligible amount of money on the side--or in some cases, for a living--off of advertising revenue?  In an age where microtransactions and online passes have become all the talk, this doesn't make you guys seem very gamer-friendly.

Those are the only major things that have me concerned for you right now, Nintendo.  Between EA seemingly severing ties with the Wii U and taking YouTube ad revenue from other YouTube Partners that help other gamers finish your games, I'm a bit concerned for you right now.  Who knows, maybe today's Nintendo Direct will at least temporarily help me forget about these things.  And if someone at Nintendo is indeed reading this, take a look at five things I think you should take advantage of with your E3 presentations and showings.  I know it's just another blog, but if you did any of those five things fans like me might not be as worried about your present situation.

I love you very much, Nintendo.  I love having Nintendo consoles.  I love playing on them.  I love each new version of Super Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros., Kirby, and so on that gets released.  I always have and will continue to support the Wii U as much as I can, not only because it's a terrific console, but because I don't want this to be your last console, Nintendo.  I don't want you going anywhere anytime soon.

Jack Treese III
Life-long fan, and aspiring journalist

You can check out today's Nintendo Direct live at 10AM EST / 7AM PST by clicking here.  An archived version should be made available if you have to miss it.