Welcome to part 2 of the F.B.I. blog for those who haven't read the 1st one F.B.I. stands for Fun Being Interrupted. Another one of my F.B.I. moments happen at my cousin's house (again) but this happen when we were kids we were playing space jam (yep that long ago) we had made it to round 5 of the tournament and we had realized that it was 7:00 in the morning so after thinking about it for a minute we decided it we'd had better turn that off (with out saving my you) and go to sleep you're thinking o.k. but here is where the problem began and where a lot of my Fun was interrupted my aunt at told us to go to bed at like 12:00 or 1:00 a.m. but we clearly ignored that and so we tried to sneak back up stairs to the bed room and act like we were sleep well that was the plan any way we were caught scolded and we couldn't play any games for that whole day so that was hell especially then when we were seven and ten. Well I made do a part 3 so stay up and keep your head up I'm out. p.s. check out  Welcome to the F.B.I. Blog if you like this one you'll love the 1st.