Welcome to the F.B.I. blog what does F.B.I. stand for you ask federal bureau of investigation wrong ( well normally you'd be right) but this stand for Fun Being Interrupted (catchy aint it) I decided to do this blog because I hate when my fun gets interrupted dont you? It all started 11 months ago when I was at my cousin's house playing on his 360, when my uncle comes in drunk as hell bothering me while I'm trying to concentrate on the game and I'll never forget this mind you I'm listening to what he is saying because I dont want to be rude he tells me "look at me when I'm talking to you" mind you again I'm a grown a$$ man and he's drunk so he really was'nt talking about s--t and I could hear him and was responding accordingly, so that's when I had to turn off the 360 and listen to him b---h for 3 hours long about misc. bullish and after that I'm thinking o.k. I listened to him for 3 hours long so now he should leave me along right so I go back upstairs to go play the 360 right and 30 minutes later 30 MINUTES DAM IT here he comes back  and starts again and so I did'nt get to play that day cuz when my cousin woke up he wanted to play his s--t that he got for xmas and he thought that I had played when he was sleep so yeah that pissed me the f--k off. So have you had any F.B.I moments cuz I hate when those happen and this is only the begining so stay tuned for part 2. live happy be heathly I'm out.