To avoid confusion, the italicized words are from the narrator/writer. And if you can't figure out D-C then you need professional help.


In a galaxy far far away a child was born. The lords of the skies determined that this child shall be the apprentice of Darth Vader....

D-C: Wait a minute. This story was told before. Do you seriously want to get sued for copyright infringement?

That's a pretty big word you used there. I didn't think I'd be able to write you using such big words. Plus this is my story. I write what I want.

D-C: Seriously you need to change the subject. This apprentice thing will get you into trouble.

If you really want to nag so much, how would you like it if I wrote you with a lighsaber coming out of your ass?

D-C: Really? Really? This is how you are going to respond? Grow up.

Don't forget little man that your fate is in my hands. 

D-C: I understand but lets be civil about this. Be original and I'll do my part.

Fine! Here we go. Hope you are satisfied.

D-C: Good. Begin then.

Sugar! Spice! and everything ni.....

D-C: **BRAAAHHHH** STOP!!!!!! 

What the hell is your problem now?

D-C: This was done. My head is of normal proportions and above all else last time I used the bathroom I was a guy.

I do have an eraser. Don't make me fix that.

D-C: Please don't. I like having a kick-stand in the mornings. But can we try again?

OHHHHHHHHHH Who lives in a pineapple....


Cuz you suck obviously.

D-C: O_O

Son of Zeus. Stripped of his powers. Killer of family.

D-C: Now you are just trying to piss me off.

Treasure hunter. Smart ass. Male Croft.

D-C: ...............

Blown up by a package and granted electric powers.

D-C: NO! But you are getting close. Please be more serious.

Blue pill or red pill?

D-C: :'(

Destined to destroy the ring. A hero lost...

D-C: Please stop. No more. I can't take it anymore.

A man wishing to resurrect dinosaurs used forgotten DNA...

D-C: *cries in corner*

Oh I'm not done with you. Your Bio has some pretty interesting stuff.

D-C: I'm gonna cut your cables.

Ha! You are to late to stop me. With this next part of your origin, your story shall be completed.

D-C: I'm already dead inside. Just end it already.

On his 18th birthday D-C's mom presented him with a birthday cake. As soon as D-C opened his eyes, he could not believe what he saw.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.