So for this story to make any sense whatsoever you should probably read Part 1 and then Part 2 considering that this will be Part 3. A special thanks to xking595x for letting me run wild with his original story. Since this story has 3 main characters I think this time I'll go with colored text to differentiate them.

The color scheme shall be as follows.

Darth-Carbonite, xking595x & dadarkheart

Also the individual thoughts will be represented within the properly colored parentheses.


"No! Don't do it"


Startled, Officer Heart looks behind him and notices a barrel pointed at his face.

"What do you think you are doing King. I thought we were going to help each other out."

"Obviously you are not aware of what happens when you are injured by these infected creatures. I was trying to be merciful but this nuisance here interrupted. I'll explain first then to the other world you will go. When blood is drawn by these infected, you become one yourself. Now do you get it. It's time to die."

"I said don't do it"

"And who are you supposed to be?"

"I'm somebody that can help. I heard gun shots and I hoped to find survivors. Luckily I found you two facing this army. As for your friend that can turn at any moment I can help him since I carry a vaccine on me."

"Why do you have a vaccine for this plague? Do you have something to do with this?"

"Let me explain. First off I am Professor Darth. I am one of the many that fathered this virus and I am the only one willing to put an end to it. My partners and I were assigned the task of trying to use carbonite as a potential weapon. As more elements were introduced, the carbonite became more unstable. As scientist we couldn't help but experiment. We used animals and the results were exactly as you see on these streets. Nobody cared about the consequences of this weapon. Just the money involved. In secret I devised a cure just in case anything went out of control. Unfortunately the higher ups were not satisfied with animal test subjects so they released the virus into the city to study the effects on the human body. I managed to escaped with the vaccine and here I am now."

"That's a nice story but for some reason I don't think the vaccine will come cheap."

"A smart man. All I ask is that you help me stop those that caused this problem in the first place."

"That was our plan to begin with so of course we'll help."

(This is a little to convenient. Something doesn't seem right.)

"So I'll start administering the vaccine. Might I ask what your names are?"

"I'm Officer Heart."

"Just call me King."

"Good good. I'll show you to the secret tunnel I used to escape and then we can put an end to this."

"Just point us in the right direction and we'll take care of anything that comes our way."

With that the trio set off to stop this problem at the source. But it was not easy as they kept needing to dispatching more and more infected.

"It seems like the closer we get the more we have to kill."

"There's a good chance that they were able find some sort of way to control these creatures."

"That just means we need to speed things up."

"There's the tunnel and it looks like nothing is around. Let's be quick."

The group makes in past the tunnel and into the main building without any incident.

"Since this is the main facilities won't there be a lot of security in our way?"

"No. All of the personnel were sent home just before the outbreak. All that are left are the scientist."

"Be quick and lead the way."

Once they reach the floor with the scientist they notice something strange. They were all panicking. Everything was a mess.

 "Something here is strange. Let's go around and find out what's going on."

Just like that and explosion occurred in the room were the scientist were at. After the smoke cleared, nothing was left of the room. No life and no sounds. Just death.

"What could have caused this? Any ideas King?"

"I'm not sure but I know we are about to find out."

Two gun shots rang in the silent building void of life.

"To the "Heart" that was lost and to the "King" that was found, I want to thank you for sacrificing it all. With your assistance let the darkness befall."