Narrator: This guy here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^known as K. Rabbit is our hero. The unluckiest b@st@rd in the world. All K. Rabbit wants to do is make it big in our world but nothing ever seems to work out his way. Considering he has two rabbits feet you would think he would be lucky. No no no not this guy. It seems like god decided to sh!t on our "hero". But whatever, here is his amazing story.

Narrator: It all began one day when K. Rabbit was watching Japanese cartoons and one day and discovered something great. While watching Sailor Moon he discovered the her name was Usagi and the Usagi also meant rabbit. So as a fan and part time Sailor Scout K. Rabbit decided to adopt the name Usagi. Little did he know how bad of an idea this was. 

Narrator: So one day K. Rabbit decided to cosplay as Sailor Moon. But he was young and did not know any better. K. Rabbit decided to go to an Anime convention to show off his amazing cosplay skills. All the guys were amazed. How did this beauty manage to combine the Sailor Scout with her Japanese name of Usagi? Unfortunately for K. Rabbit a perv thought it would be a good idea to check underneath the hood to get a good look at the goods. What he got was a face full of meat. The rest of this section is so graphic we are not permitted to describe it but lets just say there was a lot of foot to body contact. Battered and bruised K. Rabbit went back home to watch more cartoons.

Narrator: While watching TMNT K. Rabbit discovered Miyamoto Usagi. A manly rabbit with the name of Usagi. Finally a hero worth looking up to. So then K. Rabbit came up with the plan to apply to be Usagi's assistant. Once again not a good idea. The assistant part was nothing more than a stunt double and a practice dummy. K. Rabbit got his @ss handed to him so many times by Usagi that K. Rsbbit knew this was not for him.

(8 Mile parody in Robot Chicken)

Narrator: Fed up K. Rabbit decided to try his hands at music. He figured that being know as K. Rabbit would be fine since it was his birth right. Wrong once again. After hearing news about an artist known as K. Rabbit, B. Rabbit decided to put a stop to this. 12 songs later the artist know as K. Rabbit was no more. Music career was ruined all because of a name.

Narrator: Our hero at the brink of giving up heard of a heavenly place known as playboy. Also it had a rabbit for a logo. This was the place to call home. Sadly K. Rabbit did not know how to read. He made it to the headquarters and what transpired next was one of the most traumatizing things in the world. Sausage everywhere. No fish, just sausage. Oh the horror. Our hero is doomed to die pitifully in a sea of meat.

Narrator: While writing his suicide note K. Rabbit saw a flier hiring for games. He figured that this was the way to go. What could possibly go wrong. He should never had said that. Little did he know that he would probably spend the rest of his life not assassinating people but being in eh commercials and dying a lot.


A lil on the short side but I added some pretty pics to make it a lil bit longer. If you get a slight giggle then my job was completed.