"Arise your time has come"  said a mysterious figure.

As I rise I manage to open my eyes and am able to see the figure. Before I'm able to open my mouth I notice a few things are odd. My body feels strangely refreshed but I feel like I forgot. What I forgot I do not know but I now my memory is scrambled.

"Ahh you notice a few things are slightly different with you. Shall I inform you on a few things?" asked the figure.

"Yes please, tell me what is going on" I manage to ask.

"You, my friend, are soldier number 595. One of many designed and altered to combat the infections that plague Raccoon City. Your senses and strength have been raised to super human levels. I believe your memories were a casualty of the procedure but those a unnecessary anyways. Unfortunately you were the only survivor. It was believed that you were chosen to succeed by a force not ours. Due to your success we decided to give you the code name King."

Strange. This all made sense to me.

"So when does my mission begin?" I ask.

"Immediately" replied the figure.

Before I noticed I was already at a secret entrance to the city. I guess it's time to begin the eradication of this virus.

The view is depressing to say the least. Very few lights, bodies everywhere and ear shattering howls everywhere. 

As I travel down an abandoned street I end up stepping on a glass bottle. A loud crash rang throughout the street. I thought nothing of it so I continued. A gust of dread air climbed up my spine. I knew what happened, I just didn't want to think about it. 

As soon as I look behind me I noticed my mistake. It looks like the glass bottle attracted a few dozen of the residents. And not the good kind. All these people are infected and according to my briefing prior to this the only salvation is death. I guess time to see if the operation is a success.

With pistols in hand I make the first move. Head shot after head shot the bodies drop. They are slow. No, slow is wrong. My mind is moving at such a rate that it seems like they are slow. Not only that, I'm not afraid nor worried. Calm and calculative. This is the results of the operation. I am the only who can stop this and will.

After I dispatch the poor souls I continue my travel. In the distance I hear gun shots.

"I'm not the only one" I ended up saying.

I run and run, dispatching the infected as I go. Trying to make it in time.

I reach my destination and I see a single person fighting of a horde of infected. Without thinking I rush to his aid. Back to back obliterating our common enemy.

After what felt like an eternity of shooting the horde is no more. Time to see if this person is friend or foe.

"Thanks for the help" said the stranger.

"No problem. If I may ask why are you here?" I ask.

"I was left behind so I'm trying to find a way out. Yourself?" asked the stranger.

"I'm on a mission to put an end to this infection and if you wouldn't mind would you like to assist me?" I replied.

"Sure I'll help you. It's better than dying on these streets. I guess if we are to work together might I know your name?"  asked the stranger.

"You can call me King and yourself?" I replied.

"I"m known as Heart. Lets continue before we get ambushed again"  suggested Heart.

So just like that I now have an ally. A skilled one at that. Looks like this won't be so hard after all. While walking we finally reach some light. As I'm walking behind Heart I notice his arm is slightly injured.

"Hey Heart, what happened to your arm?" I asked a little worried.

"Oh this, its just a scratch I got trying to escape those b@st@rds. Why do you ask?" replied Heart.

"Out of curiosity do know what happens to those hurt by infected?"  I asked Heart.

"No" was his reply.

That was exactly what I was worried about. I know what happens. It's not good. I know what must be done. As a soldier I must do what I can to prevent this evil.

I put my pistol to the back of Heart's head without him realising. This was better. Him not knowing.

"I'm sorry Heart" and with that........