As a gamer there is always a dark cloud looming in our future. You don't want to think about it but you know it's there. When should I quit? When should I retire? Am I too old for this? What if I never enjoy it?

So when is it acceptable for a gamer to turn in his controller and walk away?

As the years go on gaming changes and so do the gamers. As I get older I tend to think about the day I finally walk away from gaming and never look back. But what circumstances will make me walk away I wonder. Once you mature and reach an enlightened age you realize that your taste have changed. A game type that you loved once young now does not even hold your interest. 

I love gaming I just don't love the majority of games. It's hard to find enjoyment these days. Is it always the games fault? No, it all depends on what track your life is on. These days I find myself bonding more and more with my family (gross I know) and less time gaming. When I notice this I wonder if my time is up but I realize it's not yet my time to walk away. One of the things that keeps me gaming and brings a smile to my face is seeing my almost 2 son sitting on the floor properly holding a PS2 controller pretending to game just how daddy is. This brings me hope that gaming will continue in my family and that I won't have to give up gaming to be a dad. 

So when is it time to stop?

I figure that instead of letting difficulties or necessities affect when you stop gaming, you set a goal or time limit for yourself. Now I would like to game till I die but unless I plan on dying young that might not be a good idea. As funny as a gaming grandpa would be, I think it would be more embarrassing than cool. So I gave my self a set of conditions that will hopefully determine when I quit. Since my son is almost 2 I have a pretty large head start on gaming than him so he is my stop sign. If gaming does stay in the family I chose to stop gaming when I could no longer pose a challenge to my son in any game. When I am utterly at his mercy then I shall retire. So hopefully gaming can hold my interest long enough so that I may taste defeat at the hands of my son. As gushy as it may sound I'm actually looking forward to this day. I would say that my skill in gaming is above average so if I'm crushed by my son I know it would make me proud. This only works if my son is a gamer. If not I should probably plan a cool way of dying before gaming bores me to oblivion. 

So I've set my goal, has anybody else?