DMW live in a hut in a small in Hyrule Field. As a child he always wanted to be the worlds greatest gardener. The only problem was that he was no good. He sucked, bad. He couldn't even cut grass properly.

One day he saw a young boy dressed in green outside of his hut. What he saw and heard next shook his core. After a few hyahs and spins all the grass was cut. He was astonished at the gardening form of this kid about his age. DMW knew that by mimicking this kid he would be able to master gardening. Little did he know what the hands of fate had in store for him.

A few year pass and DMW believes he has almost mastered the most difficult art of gardening. He knew what he had to do to finally complete his self training. Kill Ganon. During his training time DMW learned of the green kids identity. He learned that his name was Link and that he had defeated the evil that had once plagued Hyrule. DMW was sure that the key to ultimate gardening was to kill evil and it was also about time for Ganon to come back.

After doing some research DMW learned the things he needed to know to begin his quest for gardening greatness. He needed a sword, a horse, a shield, a guardian, a triangle thing on his hand, and a lot of hyahs. Seeing as he had no means of obtaining any of these things he improvised.

His list of items go as follow: Rusty butter knife, trash can lid and a donkey from his shows. The problem was the triangle and the guardian. After pondering what to do his "genius" gene hit him. Into his dresser he went and pulls out a crayon. And just like that a kinda triangle looking thing appeared on his hand. The guardian was easy if he would postpone his journey. He chose flies for his guardian so DMW decided to not shower or wipe for two weeks to acquire his guardian.

After two weeks the lord of flies the gardener of champions was ready.

As soon as he stepped outside the sky got dark. He knew what was coming. Ganon had appeared.

DMW knew he would win. He had to. His skills in gardening are at stake.

A wall of text suddenly appeared over Ganon's head.

" I see you bear the Tri Force of Crayons. If I was a white wall I might be afraid. I am not and now your time shall come to an end. Just like how your Tri Force can be erased so will you."

DMW was not afraid. He had been practicing his hyas for years and knew what he had to do. He drew his butter knife and began his charge screaming his hyahs as loud as he could. He will win. His pride and skills as a gardener were at stake.

He was gone. DMW was a pile of ash. Ganon prevailed. A wall of text appeared.

"You really thought you could win. You didn't even belong in this story so how could you defeat me. Smell and flies alone was not going to help you. It usually takes green clothes, a big sword, some grunts included with the hyas and a terrible plot twist."

As soon as Ganon turned around Link appeared a plunged a sword into his skull. Ganon was defeated and piece returned to Hyrule once again. Without any real casualties.