After a long journey at the top of a hill sat Silver. Staring at the cloud-less night thinking of what to say and what to right. Looking up at the sky Silver saw a star shine brighter than most and believed that was his best friend Gold looking down at him to show him the right path.

"Gold", said Silver, "I'm right around the corner, I will see you once again real soon. I have so much on my mind and in my heart that I need to express to you."

Even though Silver said this he had no idea of how to go about expressing himself. He figured why not write a letter in order to get what he felt of his chest in the best possible way. Pulling out a notebook and pen he began.

"Dear Gold,

   I'm so sorry I haven't seen you yet. It hurts so much thinking about it. We were so close, the best of friends. Why did you leave? I always believed our journey would never end, our battles never stop, and our smiles never fade. I was wrong. I know why you left. I understand it all but still I struggled to accept it. I would have done the same in your place but still it hurts. My journeys have been so tough without you. I cannot seem to smile. I tried to continue but could not. I will be visiting you soon to say my farewell and a heart felt apology. I meant to visit sooner but I couldn't find the strenght to visit your grave. Now I'm able to face my demons and see you again and I hope you can forgive me. For now I will no longer continue my journey. I will try to find peace in my heart and accept your passing. Hopefully when my time comes I will see you agai.



Without realizing it the sun had rose and the time came to finish the final journey. After a few minutes of walking ahead in sight was the graveyard that housed Gold. Silver felt he was not ready but knew what he had to do.  Once he entered he searched for what felt like a century until he finally found it. The grave that said Gold. Silver sat down infront of the grave for about an hour without moving thinking of what to do.

"Gold I know you cannot read my letter so I'll read it to you"

Silver read the letter numerous times and after every read he cried that much more. After reading the letter so many times the writing was smudged Silver decided it was time. He left the letter and a round item behind, said his farewell and left depressed. Knowing he did the right thing he could'nt help but cry.

Looking behind him one last time Silver yelled, "Gold one day we'll be together again just you wait."

I based thid story on the Pokemon manga not the cartoon since the manga is a bit darker. My first so please forgive the terible-ness. Especially since I did this while on the clock at work lol.

P.S. just in case Silver was the trainer and Gold was his pokemon. Dumb I know but it can't be helped lol