I know this blog has probably been covered a bunch of times already but when thinking of a topic to cover this is what i came up with. When i think of it i feel there's no way somebody hasn't done this topic already(or all the topics that i am planning on covering)but here i go trying to give you my own take on it. This is the first topic of others like it all along the lines of best Call of Duty blank. Call of Duty Guns/Maps//killstreaks/attachments and perks are gonna be the topics of the start of a series im gonna call "Best of Call of Duty". Each blog in the series will consist of me telling you the things i like about each subject and why you should too. I may not do them all at once and i may do other blogs in between them but ill promise to try and finish the list that i made up there.    

 In my Call of Duty career there are a few guns in the series that stand out as being my favorite.The guns i have chosen range from World at World to Modern Warfare 3 but dosen't include secondaries. For all of these guns i have unlocked all Camos and weapon attachments. Also i have written descriptions below about what makes them my favorite guns along with why there good to use.You should listen to me!would i ever steer you wrong?Maybe if we were playing GTA and i had to quickly dipset from the cops.But i should be taken very seriously when giving advice about Call of Duty.

Here goes nothing!

The Thompson(Black Ops)-What a great gun.where do i start?sometimes i dream about it when im sleeping.That amoung other things.But mostly the part about it being a cool gun. The reason the Thompson is one of my favorite guns is because it was used in every Call of Duty game set in the World War 2 era. I always used it during campaign playthroughs trying to hold on to it for as long as i could as it was one of my favorite guns. Which is why its on this list which im sure you figured out by now. Who dosent like the feeling of killing a bunch of enemys with a cool gun?I sure do. Not only does implementing your strategic advantage over your opponents feel good but doing it while getting killstreaks and unlocking wepon attachments/challenges only begins to describe my exitment when using the Thompson. Some of you may ask why pick this gun as one of the best? Its barley even good. If you are one of those people id like to hear your arguments because i obviously think otherwise. The  iron sight on this gun is one of the best parts about using this gun. Its good to know you dont have to attach a reflex site and it saves room for the round drum. "The Thompson submachine gun is effective at close range and fires the powerful .45 ACP round. It's notoriously inaccurate at a distance but compensates with a high rate of fire."- Call of Duty manual description.

 FAMAS(MW2/Black Ops)- As far as proficiency goes this is one of the best guns you can ask for. It appears in MW2 as a burst fire weapon shooting 3 rounds at a time and in black ops as fully automatic. In my opinion the FAMAS in black ops is equal to the MW2 type. Either way iv'e been on the better side of quite a few exchanges using both types. The burst fire FAMAS is a highly power-full weapon killing with only one burst when you add stopping power as long as all three shots make contact. As for the black ops variant attach an extended clip and reflex sight(iron sites optional) and you have yourself one of the best setups in the whole game. The best map to use this gun on for me (in black ops) is Summit. Getting up to 30 kills every-time i played ("Played" because i never play anymore) a game of demolition i think its safe to say its an effective class set up. So yea the FAMAS is one of my favorite guns to use in Call of Duty.

ACR(MW2/MW3)- Come on now...who dosent like using the ACR? In your quest for a nuke or attempting to run things on a game of Domonation its your best choice for aiding in the destruction of all other players. With this weapon you easily crush your teamates dreams of making it to the top of the list. I mean its powerful,has great range and in my very biased opinion its the best gun in Call of Duty. Some might say its overpowered or "Played out" but i just think its a pretty great gun to use. For me in both MW2 and MW3 its my most used gun with all weapon attachments and camo's unlocked and the most kills. In real life the ACR it is refered to sometimes as "The Bushmaster" but in online multiplayer its unlocked at level 48. "It is similar to the M4A1 but sacrifices rate of fire for having low recoil."The main reason its mt favorite is because its "A versitile weapon, most perks and attachments work well with the ACR ecspessially stopping power." The only way i can imagine them making this gun better is by adding more damage in which case would make it overpowered by a long shot. With such low recoil and that much damage you might as well fire up a death machine every single time you spawn. But that's only theoretical.

 A note on Call of Duty Multiplayer its important to be sure to use a gun your comfortable with. So you can get the maximum amount of kills and do good in capturing objectives or destroying targets. My philosophy is stick to what you know and something good is gonna come out of it especially with Call of Duty. Map knowledge is essential and knowing spawns on game types can help you develop a play style, adapt to different situations and make it hard for your opponent to come out on top. Perks and weapon attachment are also something you should always have in the back of your mind when playing and its important to perfect your loadouts in the create a class section so your ready for whatever's thrown at you.    

 Those three guns are my favorite to use in the Call of Duty series weather playing in campaign mode or trying to make it to tenth prestige playing with Izzy on multi player. I would have added more guns to this list but for the sake of time and my own sanity i will only list those three above. If there are any that i should've mentioned that i dident it would probably be the Scar, Ak47, or the Ump. But that's only Asault rifles if i include snipers,Smgs shot guns,and machine pistols the list might be more diverse. But then you would be depending on me having a higher quality of work ethic then i truly posses at the moment. But this is the conclusion to my Best of guns in Call Of Duty post. It would be cool if you can tell me what your favorite guns are in the section below or what guns you hate/think are overpowered.