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Did Marcus Pheonix open a portal into the Marvel Universe?

I know you don't care but i was on Netflix the other night tryna find a good movie to watch when i came across the Avengers. I clicked on it. Without even reading the description i watched it. It was pretty solid.

I came this far so i might as well tell you creeps what im thinking about. Im not trying to offend anyone when i call you a creep, yes you (or "you people" a bunch of creeps if you are sitting in a group reading this) but im entitled to my opinion.And in my defense there are some shady characters out there.Although you might not be one.You may be an honest person or funny, the type to always lend a helping hand? have a big personality?...you could be a vetanarian/philanthrapist for all i care, the internets a sketchy place. Just saying  

you see that picture up there that says Marvel The Avengers up there?I put it there all by myself,you should be proud of me.I saw all the movies leading up to it.Captin America, Thor, Ironman and Ironman 2.Id like to mention also that im looking foward to thor 2 i saw the offical trailer and i think its gonna be great.I thought Captin America and both Ironman and Ironman2 were better then the first Thor but by the looks of the trailer it gonna be sick.

Thor 2 Trailer  

About the Avengers it was an exellent movie and i urge those of you who dident already see it already to check it out.It is filled with funny moments on display by the always charismatic Tony Spark.Equally charismatic is the man behind the suit Robert Downey Jr.Do you guys like him?I do.Pretty much every movie he was in was funny... Tropic thunder,sherlock holmes. Was he in other movies?If theres a movie that has Robert Downey Jr. in it that you know of.That was actually good...you should comment in the comments section below and tell me because for some reason right now i wanna know.I know he was mentioned in 21 Jump street and apparentley did alot of drugs back in the day.But i dont know why that movie should be relevent cause it had chanting Tatum in it and the jew from superbad(I apoligize if your jewish but i watch south park all the time so im rasict sometimes)Not to mention a guest appearence by Johnny Depp who played in the T.V. show or whatever.

Since i was talking about superbad i might as well tell you that In said movie,(Which is on FX thursday at 8)did you know?that Micheal Cera was playing The Gateway:Black Monday for PS2 in that part where he goes @#$% this game whats the point of even playing it if its immposible i dont get it.Those might not be his exact words but it was something to that extent. I thought he was playing counterstrike at first but yahoo answers proved otherwise.    

  I mentioned 21 Jump Street earlier didnt i?The biker gang in that movie reminds me of GTA Lost and Dammed? I think they should make a dlc to that game where you get to play as an undercover cop infiltrate the biker gang and you have to get tattoos to maintain loyalty along with doing missions and things like that. Or a side mission detailing the pinata car chase in jump street where you get to play as Johna hill wearing a peter pan costume. Haha that would be awesome.or did that happen already? The whole undercover agent going deep undercover theme reminds me of this book  you should check out Under and Alone. which chronicles the life of undercover agent William queen who infiltrated a California chapter of the "mongols" a widely known gang.As he becomes more involved in the biker game lifestyle he becomes lost unsure of his true identity. I only read about half of it but what i did read was really good.       

Back to avengers, there was some pretty cool action/Fighting scenes. some were enough to match up against Micheal Bays Transformers. Iv'e mentioned Gears of War in every post so far and the tradition continues as i move to my main point outlined by the title i made up above.Its funny cause i don't even speak English and i thought of that. In the last scene where Loki attempts to destroy humanity and spawns an army somewhere out of the nether regions of the Marvel universe, his soldiers look exactally like locust straight out of Gears of War. Im not versed in the details of Norse Mythology but where down the line did Adam Pheonix find a portal into space making contact with the hammer god?Leave it up to him to find a way to mess things up for everybody else. Just because hes having fun with his little science project.Marcus is like dammit dad did you really have to do that? your embarrassing me.I mean it never happened but its a funny thought.Did Loki make a deal with the locust queen setting up earth for emergence day?probably not.But i want someone to tell me what the army actually was cause i have no idea.If somebody could tell me why they stole the locust theme from gears and put it in a super hero movie i would appreciate it. Can somebody explain to me what happened?Talk to me about it?no?ok...But how exited would you be if the Avengers really did find there way into the Cog army? I can imagine Hulk taking down a Corpser, Thor going head on with a Brumack or Iron Man headed straight to the hive dealing damage to the locust army.Someone please make this possible for me to legitimately experience actually...