First off I would like to say that I thought using Star Wars would be too easy so I didn't use it. This is my first Gamify Me so I hope everyone likes it. Also I got permission to write it this way. Also please excuse the language. And I'm sorry if the length might be long. I hope everyone enjoys my work!

A rainy night in Gotham. Hell when isn't it raining in this scum-hole? Does anyone realize just how often during the three other seasons of the year IT FRICKEN RAINS!!!

[a figure manifests off to the left of him]

"He's on his way."

"Took him long enough." [Stretches his arm out and absorbs the figure]


"Gordon, what's the situation?"

"There's a *** dinosaur tearing up my city!"

"A dinosaur?"

"Yeah! You know a big friggin lizard running around on two legs!!"

"Where is it now?"

"We've managed to corner it in an abandoned building in Old Gotham."

"I'm on my way. Keep the perimeter secure and don't let anyone in the building."


[Batman races to the scene wondering who or what is the cause of this. He paid his weekly examination of Arkham and knows that both the Toyman and Clayface are heavily secured, which eliminates his two most likely suspects.]

[He arrives at the scene and uses his infrared detectors in his mask to scan the building]

"It's cold." He whispers. "Jim where is it? I thought I told you to keep the building secure!"

"It is secure! Look! Passing the top windows!"

[Batman barely catches a flash of a body with a with a long tail move past the window]

"Jim something isn't right. I want you to pull all your men back and clear the area. Also I want you to double check that both Clayface and Toyman are secure in Arkham."


"Do it!! And radio me when you have an answer."

"Ok Batman. Good Luck."


[Batman cautiously makes his way onto the second floor of the building when the doorway seals itself up and all light escapes the room]


"You really did take forever!" [Batman switches between his nightvision and infrared detectors but remains unable to see anything]

"What's going on here!"

"Ah such a good detective, always asking questions when they know the ANSWER!" [upon the last word something like a punch slams into Batman's chest feeling like solid steel, making him drop to his knees trying to catch his breath] "Too easy. You ran into my trap Bats! I guess I'll let alittle light in for you to use your precious nightvision and make this a bit more of a challenge!" [At that moment little streams of light show around the room given by the little bit of lamplight from outside. Just enough to allow Batman's nightvision to work properly]

"Theres still nothing here. Who are you?" [regaining his breath and stance]

"Call me Carbonite! And rest assured, there is something in the room with you." [At that moment Batman sees a panther with diamond like eyes and a middle linebacker manifest in the corners in front and behind him]

"Ok, Carbonite. What do you want?"

"Ah, that's easy! I want to kill the world's greatest hero and then rule the world!" [At that moment the two manifestations attacked at the same time, too quick to dodge, racking his back from the linebacker and slashing slaps at his chest from the panther, bouncing him back and forth unable to to anything like a tennis ball. Finally he falls on the floor, his ribs cracked at the least and his body pummeled.] "That was a Brees!"

"I'm not dead yet."

"Quit yer complaining! I'm far from done." [Then all the light escapes the room again] "While you're just lying there, lets do story time! Do you realize that carbon is actually everywhere? It actually is more abundant than our water. And I am one with it all! I can become, expand, control, replicate, condense, thin, anything you can possibly think of! That's why I have no interest in robbing, assaulting, or any of that petty crap!"

"How about I give you a lesson! Carbon is flammable!" [He calls for the batmobile and tosses some mini-bombs at the wall where the window would be. It arrives shortly and he jumps into it through the hole he made]

[All the black in the room suddenly condenses into two human forms]

"That went exactly as planned."

"Yep, time to go to phase two." [They merge back into one body and follow out the window]




"Prepare the batcave for immediate trauma surgery and make all my fire based weapons and gadgets ready!"

"Yes sir. May I ask who would be the patient?"



[He arrives at the batcave shortly through his network of secret tunnels]

"Alfred, is everything ready?" [gently easing himself out]

"Yes sir." [he answers while next to the surgery table]

"Freeze right there bats!" [the voice comes out of nowhere and echoes throughout the cave]

"How did you get in here? Where are you?"

"Ah such a proper English butler. You don't find them like this anymore. Walks straight up, hands at his side, and with such properness he didn't even notice me." [He manifests himself from Alfred's waistcoat. Just the upper half of his body so as to be still attached making his arm into a long blade pointed at Alfred's throat.] "Do what I say and Jeeves lives, understand?"

"I understand."

"Good now move to that table with all your gadgets in it and dump it off the edge! And remember I'm everywhere so I'll know if you slip something into a sleeve. So you better get creative if you want him to live!"

"I'm terribly sorry sir." [Alfred says as Batman uses his foot to dump the table. As the items hit the bottom, they explode with a satisfactory bang.]

"It's alright Alfred. Ok Carbonite, I did what you asked now release him!"

"I said he'll live, not that I'll let him go. But I'll compromise with you." [He lowers Alfred down to the ground and proceeds to bind him using the floor of the cave] "He's perfectly fine. It's strong enough to hold him down but weak enough to be broken by an average hammer. Now seal the cave!"

"Fine. But you still haven't said how you got in."

"I already told you that I was everywhere. I simply hitched a ride after you left and you did the rest."

"It's sealed. Just don't kill me in front of Alfred."

[Carbonite roars with laughter and slams Batman into the wall and proceeds to seal him in it while destroying his computers but leaves the television unharmed]

"See this? Its solid black diamond. It's not breaking for anything. You're gonna watch what I'll do Batman! Your famous ego is your downfall this time! Kill you? You were merely a pawn to help obtain my goal, I've planned this all since the beginning, out-smarted you at every turn! Wait is that clock right?"

"Yes it's right but what does that matter? What is your ultimate goal?"

"Sssshhh! Robot chicken is coming on!" [He switches the tv on to the channel and proceeds to watch.] "Sweet, it's one of the star wars episodes!"

"You're really going to watch tv in my cave before finishing this?"

"Shut-up! It's only 11 minutes! Think of it as giving you a fair chance to find a way to escape." [He proceeds to continue watching the program through the end.] "Ahh that was fun. So what did you think about the name Carbonite? I was thinking about making it Dark-Carbonite but I thought it sounded too rhetorical and also it made me sound too much like a Sith lord."


"I have all the time in the world now so small talk is nothing to me. I already have what I want." [He holds up a green rock giving off a warm glow as Batman's face turns to a mixture of anger and horror] "I split my body earlier during the show and you were too distracted to notice.[Becoming more sinister]Your little contingency plan became the biggest backfire and once he's gone, this world is mine! And it is entirely your fault!"

"Nooooooo!!!!!!!!" [fighting against his binding to no avail, only cutting himself against the sharp edges of the diamond]

"Now I am going to leave you here to watch as I take out your friends and claim my world!"


This was so fun I'm thinking about making it into a series. Thanks for reading!