Welcome brethren! Come on in. Now I know that many of you are used to our member Ghost publishing our blog but unfortunately he had other matters to attend to this week so I stepped in and decided to take the opportunity to try a few things. {['E']}

For those who don't know me, I am Cybertronian Assassin, il mentore and co-owner of the Assassin's Creed Group and am available to answer any questions related to the group! This blog is made as a way to give members interested in joining the group a jumping on point and as well as a recap for current group members!

Heres what's gone on the past two weeks:

Assassin Profiles Page: We here at the group make our own assassins with complete and unique identities following a format and this branches out to other threads in the group. Heres the most recent members to join our Gi Brotherhood and their assassins-

BloodyWolf8/Hokkyoku Okami                        PantherFangs18/Con Beo


              La Volpe/Aspide                                                         Adventure Seeker 1/Raion


Welcome to the group guys!

connected pages to this are

  • Showing our Colors
  • Titles And Current Group Standings

Artistic Demand!-  We are looking for artists to help our group out to come up with unique images and also to work on a special project! Contact me for details.

What's your favorite assassin's creed game?- We discuss what is our favorite in the series and reasonings behind it. There are other threads where we discuss either previous games or upcoming games solely

Damian Snow's Pawn Shop- This is a new feature by member Adventure Seeker 1 that showcases ancient weaponry and other items that still are useful today. This is the brother thread to the Items/weapons of the modern assassin thread.

Our allies in nature- with lab tech Jack Slate- Another new feature, this time by member Primera77 featuring animals and their possible benefits and uses to an assassin as well as other facts.

We also have a welcome thread for new members to introduce themselves and ask questions.

Trivia Question:

How does Ezio Auditore lose the sword that his father left for him in AC2?

Answer to last blog's trivia question:

Rodrigo Borgia

Finally- I would like to announce and welcome our newborn assassin, my daughter, born this past thursday!

pretty cute huh?

Remember our door is always open! Just knock first or you risk a blade to the face.




And to up the cuteness level