November marks the beginning of a new era, an era that will push the boundaries of technology and entertainment even farther. But with the innovations in gaming technology comes the inevitable bickering among gamers about which console has the best graphics capability, which one has the better game library, and which one will "win" the generation.

Making an informed decision in the middle of the ruckus can be fairly difficult. If you learn nothing else from this blog, remember this one tip: be a smart consumer. Don't go out and buy a console because someone else said so; do the research on your own and make your own choice based on what you find. In other words, be a consumer, not a cultist.

If you remember that, you'll be fine. But if you want some extra tips on how to survive the Console Wars of 2013, you can follow these 5:

Know When to Buy

As with most modern machines, waiting a month or two before upgrading to the cutting edge is always a good idea. No operating system is without hiccups and glitches at the beginning of its life cycle, so waiting for a while before buying the console of your choice means you can skip and the twists and turns of a tumultuous release. Within a few months, the kinks get sorted out, public opinion about each console begins to form, and pricetags may shift or better bundles may arise. Your store may run out of consoles to sell, bumming out your friends who attended the hyped-up midnight release.

The Best Position is Neutrality

The next time you think about getting embroiled in a flame war, consider this: Does fighting online to convince someone about your position prove anything substantial? Getting hotheaded about a console only prevents you from keeping your options open. A troll may be yelling at you through the font, but you can easily ignore them by making your decision on your own. Stay open-minded, and you may find you'll change your opinions for the better.

Don't Fall for the Hype

Gamers around the world will be bombarded by advertisements from Microsoft and Sony, each one trying to up the last. During this war of attrition, it's important to not get caught in the middle. Don't fall for the hype they throw at you. Just as you wouldn't believe any of the "Best Burger in the World" signs in downtown New York City, recognize that all the hype is just a strategy to pull the wool over your eyes. Buy your console when you have the money and time to actually get acquainted with your console.

Brothers/Sisters in Arms

While it's a bad idea to follow the random advice of someone on a forum, gamers should ask other gamers what their console experience is like. If a friend or two you know has the console you don't plan to buy, why not ask them what they think? Why didn't someone with a PS4 buy an Xbox One? These types of discussions can reveal details you might otherwise miss, and there's nothing like asking someone with experience.

You Don't Have to Jump

Honestly, none of the Big Three are going anywhere soon, and none are going to give up on Generation 7 anytime soon either.Why jump to Generation 8 if Generation 7's still satisfying? The prices on the new consoles will only get lower as time goes on.


Wikipedia - Bias Meter Rating: Low Your high school history teachers probably hated this site, but you'd be hard pressed to find a website with such a rounded wealth of info about each console. Of course, the article may or may not be biased towards the console in question, so be on the lookout.

PS4 info via Wikipedia

Xbox One info via Wikipedia

Sony PS4/Microsoft Xbox One Website - Bias Meter Rating: High If you want to get hyped up about a console and pumped up for its games, these websites are for you. As the meter implies though, understand that the whole point of these websites is to get you on-board for a day-one purchase of their console. Still, it's good to hear what the Xbox One and PS4 offer gamers straight from the horse's mouth.

PS4 info via

Xbox One info via - Bias Meter Rating: Medium is dedicated to bringing gamers their news. If you want to know what's happening with a console as it happens, or what the biggest recent stories are, this is the place to go. Keep in mind that the journalists reporting on said stories have their own biases, which will bleed through the videos and articles. The website also features its own comparison of the two consoles.

Xbox One info via

PS4 info via - Bias Meter Rating: Low's as much a site about keeping you up to date as it is about giving you all the relevant statistics for interested consumers. If you want to know what kinds of offers or pre-order bonuses you're in for, this is a great outlet. Keep in mind the offers here are not necessarily the same for other retailers.

Xbox One info via

PS4 info via


(Link to the above comics here, Console War p1-13)


What do you think of this list? Has it helped you figure out what your game plan is?

Which console (if any) are you thinking of getting?

Any other tips are more than welcome!

Happy gaming!