Once again Paul WS Anderson was unavailable to direct, so he wrote another script and handed it off. But this time our fill-in director is none other than Russell Mulcahy, the director of Highlander! Which would be quite exciting, if he wasn't also the director of Highlander II: The Quickening.

For those who aren't familiar with the Highlander movies, the sequel is much hated by fans for the way in which it makes absolutely zero sense unless you pretend it takes place in an alternate universe and has nothing to do with the first movie. But if you do pretend it takes place in an alternate universe and has nothing to do with the first movie, it's actually pretty enjoyable.

The same could be said of all the Super Alice installments of Resident Evil.

A lot of Resident Evil fans hate Super Alice, because it causes the movies to drift away from survival horror zombie movies and instead become sci fi superhero movies. Personally, I don't see how it's possible to ruin a series that began as a train wreck right from the start. The main different between Resident Evil and Highlander is that the first Highlander was actually good.

The main problem I have with Resident Evil: Extinction is that the body of the movie is so extremely dull compared to the beginning and end. The opening is absolutely insane, and the conclusion is equally off the rails. But the middle is just a whole lot of nothing. Like if you took a jelly-filled donut and replaced the jelly with boredom.

For those who don't plan to see it, here's the spoiler version:




The movie opens just like the first movie, making you wonder if there's been a mix up. But then Alice suddenly dies unexpectedly.

Her body is then thrown into a mass grave...filled with other Alices (Alici?).

Cut to elsewhere. It turns out the zombie outbreak has transformed everything into desert, and the real Alice is traveling the country by bike, trying to stay off of Umbrella's radar. Alice ditched the rest of her group sometime between this and the end of the previous movie, mainly for their safety. However, she overhears on an emergency radio that Claire's convoy is in the area. Think Resident Evil: Mad Max.

Claire -- played by Ali Larter from Heroes -- effectively replaces the Jill character, whose actress was busy filming Eragon. Jill is never mentioned in the movie, and in fact the original script had Jill in this role. In other words, think of it as an alternate universe where Jill is Claire.

Meanwhile, Umbrella continues making Alice clones and killing them. The purpose of this is to somehow use her blood to generate zombies that can be tamed. It's unclear how an Alice that can pass the Obstacle Course Of Death will result in blood that can tame zombies. Instead, they just end up creating slightly smarter zombies, which-- wait, can anything good possibly come of any combination of the words "smarter" and "zombie"?

This is followed by many zombies being killed in the desert. Many humans die in the desert as well. Those two sentences summarize the bulk of the movie. The scene with the birds in particular went on way too long.

But then! A scientist turns himself into a Super Zombie, just as the real Alice makes her way into the lab where the clones are being made. After she and a clone of herself kill the Super Zombie, she discovers a room filled with clones of herself. An entire army of herself. An army of Alices. The Alice Army. She decides to awaken the Alice Army so that they can help her take down Umbrella.

And then it ends! Right there! Right when it was getting good! Sigh.