Dave Foley (NewsradioKids In The Hall) and Zack Ward (the bully from A Christmas Story) star in Postal, a film with the rare distinction of being a good movie by Uwe Boll.

No, you didn't misread that. I said "a good movie by Uwe Boll" -- possibly the only one he's ever made.

It's still not a great movie, mind you, but it successfully accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is dark comedy. Mind you, he's not brilliant at it in the way that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are, but I'd say it's maybe on the same level as comedies like Dirty Work or Screwed

Zack Ward plays a down-on-his-luck unemployed nobody. His Uncle Dave (Dave Foley) has been leading a cult to much financial success, but discovers he owes millions in back-taxes. Foley enlists Ward in a plan to steal a shipment of a popular yet under-shipped new doll that is going for crazy high prices on eBay. However, al-Queda are after the same shipment.

Dark comedy is a genre that suits Boll well, in part because it's a genre where we're more likely to overlook things like plot holes or characters doing irrational things to move the plot forward. But it doesn't cover up all of his weaknesses. In a way, being able to overlook some flaws only accentuates the ones that remain. In this case, that would be Boll's poor sense of pacing and structure. While I was successfully entertained for most of the movie, the second half really dragged, which could have easily been fixed with a little editing. Personally, I would've removed the entire subplot involving the trailer park.

But I found it to be enjoyable overall. The shootout in the unemployment office -- in which Ward's character searches dead bodies for a lower number in line while dodging gunfire -- is possibly the first time a Boll action scene didn't completely bore me.

And a subplot revealing George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden to be long-distance BFFs is consistently one of the highlights of the movie, due in no small part to the actor playing Bush being far more convincing than Josh Brolin. "I just wish...it wasn't so hard to quit you," says bin Laden during a phone conversation, played by the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

If you're still not sold, scroll past the spoiler warning to ruin the best scene of the movie for yourself.




Midway through the movie, Uwe Boll makes a cameo as himself. While doing an interview for a TV crew, he admits that all his films have been financed with Nazi gold he inherited, that he doesn't even like videogames, and that he's attracted to young children.

But before Boll has a chance to dig himself even deeper, his interview is interrupted by Postal creator Vince Desiderio, who attacks Boll for making a mockery of his videogame.

Unfortunately, this mini-climax occurs only halfway into the movie, and the second half ends up seeming relatively dull in comparison. But it does redeems itself by the end, with a final scene that manages to beat Dr. Strangelove at its own game.