A pattern begins to emerge. Paul WS Anderson directs several movies based on videogames, Uwe Boll pursues directing videogame movies. Anderson directs a zombie movie loosely based on Resident Evil, Boll directs a zombie movie loosely based on House Of The Dead. Anderson directs a movie with xenomorphs called AVP: Alien Vs. Predator, Boll decides to put xenomorphs in Alone In The Dark.

Uwe Boll wants to be Paul WS Anderson.

Alone In The Dark even ends the exact same way as Resident Evil, with survivors wandering a deserted city street. On top of that, Boll frequently imitates Anderson's tendency to have characters do things that don't make much logical sense, though I'm not sure that part is intentional.

That said, Alone In The Dark is definitely a better movie than Boll's previous film House Of The Dead. This time around it actually features competent directing, editing, and acting (except for Tara Reid). The script is still poor, but the movie has graduated from felling like a student film with a higher budget to feeling like a SyFy Original with a higher budget. 

Which is kind of unfortunate in a way, because it doesn't really give me anything to sink my teeth into to write about. I can praise good things in good movie, and trash bad things in bad movies, but dull movies leave me without much to say.