That poster actually looks kind of epic. So what's this one about? And does it send any confusing mixed messages like the first one did?

Oh, just you wait.

You might recall that the motto for the Pokemon series has always been "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" Well, this movie changes things up a little. It turns out that there are a few Pokemon you're not supposed to catch, particular one of a kind Pokemon who are important to the ecosystem in some unexplained way. If you catch one, it results in unexpected weather in various parts of the world. If you catch all three, plus a hidden fourth to complete the set, it could potentially end the world.

A collector named Lawrence III has taken the Pokemon motto to heart, and is trying to track down three of these rare Pokemon. The first one is a flying Pokemon, which he catches by shooting from his airship. As he ponders this successful catch, he mutters to himself, "it's like a simple game of chess." Sure. If chess involved shooting at things.

Lawrence III seems largely oblivious to the impact catching these Pokemon will have -- he just wants to complete his collection. Misty is disgusted when she hears him talk about his collection. "The way you talk, Pokemon are just things to be collected! Like dolls, or stamps!" Or in-game collectibles? cards?

I mean, you have to change your motto to something other than "Gotta Collect 'Em All!" if you're going to take a moral stand in the movies like that. Otherwise it comes off as just a tad hypocritical, y'know?

The other theme of Pokemon 2000 is cooties. Misty switches back and forth between being insulted that anyone would think she's Ash's girlfriend, and being jealous when a girl does appear to display interest in him. This leads to one of the best (i.e. most awkward) lines of the movie, where Misty tell Ash:

"If you want someone to do whatever you want whenever you want, you should find yourself a girlfriend!"

Do we blame that one on Japanese culture, or the localization team?

The other most memorable (which is to say: most unfortunate) line of the movie occurs at the beginning of a dinner room scene. As the camera pans, we overhear a conversation-in-progress from a neighboring table, where someone tells the punchline to a joke we can only imagine the set-up to:

"...and she said: 'No, but I have krabbies!'"


Once the world has been saved and everything returns to the status quo, Team Rocket rescues this otherwise somewhat dreadful movie in a scene after the end credits. Having broken the fourth wall briefly earlier in the movie, they now decide to tear the fourth wall down completely, while declaring a desire to turn over a new leaf. They want to be good guys now, though they're a little confused on how that will work. Which makes them sort of the Deadpool of the Pokemon world. If only they'd started stealing more scenes in later movies.