Greetings Gameinformer, it has been close to a year since the last time I have posted. You all look so different...except you mojomonkey12. Starting to think you have that Patrick Stewart “never aging” trend going.

In 2012, I had written close to 20+ reviews over multiple platforms, even venturing to create video reviews and let’s plays. I poured hours into a lot of games, and spent almost as much time editing and compiling videos. It took some effort, but I gained a sense of satisfaction and pride from the end result. Game journalism was something I always sort of admired, and being able to see what it was like to compile and edit that material was pretty enjoyable.

Then around the middle of stopped. The time and effort I had once invested seemed to diminish. What happened?

Life happened. That is about as cliche and simple as I could put it, but it was the truth. I realized that there was a lot I wanted to do out there in the big world, and I should pursue those things while I have the freedom to allow such action.

"Okay just give me like 5 minutes, guys, gotta fill out this birthday card for my Niece"

I told myself growing up that video games would always be something I could never see myself tossing aside. This facet remains true, although the time I once had to dedicate to that medium has been drastically reduced. Between work, friends, birthdays, weddings, chores, and the many other activities of an adult life; gaming had to be knocked further and further down the list of priorities (Seriously parents that play video games still, kudos to you on managing your time). I went from breezing through a game in a week to barely finishing one in over a month. My once established place as a healer for my guild in Old Republic had faded, as making scheduled operation times proved more taxing than usual. Games demanded attention, and it was something I could not give.

This is not something I have accepted begrudgingly, but rather I take it in good spirits. In my eyes, I am trading one experience for another. This past year I took a lot of positive steps in my life, vowing to commit more time to experience life itself with the people that matter most. My friend convinced me to join a gym, and now most nights after work I make a point to workout with him. The classic “boy meets girl” scenario occurred, and despite living an hour and a half away I make that drive any time to hang out with a girl that means a lot to me. She ran with me in my first ever 5k race last year and has since signed up with me for my first ever half marathon in November. I am even scheduled to travel to Haiti in a matter of weeks for a mission trip to assist with construction and working with kids at an orphanage called Children’s Hope for a few days.

I’m not posting this to try to tell people how to live their life or make it seem in any way I was a shut out who stuck to his games and avoided the world. I have always had close family and friends that I make a point to hang out with, but last year I just wanted to experience more of that.

Video games have been, and always will be, a big part of my life. My friends never seemed to understand why I stuck with it long after they had moved to other hobbies and interests. The people I have met in the community (including you rock stars at GIO), the countless stories and tales that I have played out, and the general experiences from gaming have stuck with me since I was a kid. I will never look back and think of it as time wasted

For the first time in a while I purchased a few launch games to possibly get back into some video reviews and let's plays.  As I play through Titanfall and Dark Souls 2, I cannot help but think how this will change in the future; when marriage, kids, or a different job will factor in on the already busy schedule. While I cannot see myself chucking my console in the trash anytime soon, I do see myself pressing pause a lot more often.

...and to keep this from being too dreary, I swear there will be a Let's Play this week on Dark Souls 2 that's much less least for you.