I rarely delve into the Free to Play market, but it turns out it's the prime place to go for a few Let's Plays. Renaissance Heroes is a recent addition to Steam that plays like Unreal Tournament, with a different look. It was surprisingly enjoyable for something at no cost, but you can begin see where the purchases would come into play once you hit the inventory screen.

As always, adult supervision is advised...but your parents will like this video. maybe. kinda.

Let's Plays are much easier to edit/create/throw together so I will try to post more of these in the future, and maybe even look at a community Let's Play.

Fear not, the video reviews are in a state of playing catchup, but are still very much in the works (Wrapped up Tomb Raider after it was sitting on my Desktop for ages). Real life caught up and priorities shifted for a time, but writing and blogging are very much a therapeutic time for me.

Thanks again for the continued support, you downright sexy bloggers.