Kinect Star Wars

  Xbox 360 Kinect
  Developer: Terminal Reality
  Publisher: Microsoft
  Release Date: April 3rd, 2012





Full written review can be found here.

This took a while to get out, especially since I ended up having to overlay capture on capture for a multitude of clips. I did actually have some fun with this title (when it worked), and I'm sure I will be popping this back into my Xbox for the next family get together...or if the weekend involves heavy drinking.

I am hoping to dig into the Ghost Recon beta next week, it goes live April 18th for any Splinter Cell: Conviction owners or pre-orders before April 16th. Crossing my fingers that they allow Kinect users to test out the hardware's integration during that beta, but it seems more multiplayer focused. It will be a must-buy come May 22nd, and you can bet I'll throw a video review together for it.

Until then I will be pondering the possibilities of what to review next. Let me know if there are any titles out there you would like to see given the video review treatment. Also be sure to check out Cody Gilley's latest vid on his Top 5 games of 2012 thus far here.

Feel free to rewind the dance portion of the review multiple times if you want to work on your moves this weekend...