Mass Effect 3

PC - Xbox 360 - PS3

Developer: Bioware

Publisher: EA

Release Date: March 6th, 2012





Full written review can be found here.

It's late here...and I am quite sleepy. Thus, forgive me if the quality of the review isn't up to par. If I manage a birdie than I will be impressed, and I will be surprised if I can hit a hole in these golf metaphors doing for ya?

I gotta say, I might have been a bit harsher on the co-op than I intended. It's fun if you give it a chance, just don't expect anything that revolutionizes co-operative multiplayer.

If you are in need of a second opinion, Cody Gilley has another video review up for your viewing pleasure here. It's helpful and has a nicely chosen shot of Mirandas'...assets.

Next on the agenda will be Journey...which I intend to play while listening to Journey to see if it makes my journey more incredible...did I mention I'm tired?