Up until last year I could not wait for the new Call of Duty to come out. Every year I had to have that game in my hands. I thought that maybe Battlefield 4 on my new gen console would spice things up a bit, but like most people I have had problems with it.


I went into the Titanfall beta cautiously optimistic. With all the mobility and the cool looking mechs I thought it would be the spice I was looking for. And it was! For three weeks that's all that I played, all that I could play. I thought about it at work, thinking to myself "Oh...what if I use this gun with this attachment I could get an edge maybe." But then something I couldn't imagine happening did. I absolutely did not want to play the game. And I have a few theories why.


I want more out of my gaming experiences now. I don't have the time that I had a few years ago to play games, so when I do I want substance. Multiplayer matches just don't stick anymore. I cant remember anything really from my last match in Titanfall. But ask me what about what happened in the first episode of the Walking Dead: Season Two and I could tell you almost every choice that I made, because it meant something. I didn't choose what gun and attachment I should use; but what path I will carve out for Clem.


I could not care less what my K/D ratio is in Call of Duty or Titanfall anymore. I care about the immersion into a world where my choices have a real and relevant affect on the that world. I care about the characters that developers put an effort into making them personable, not the eight pilots that I die as in a match in Titanfall.


I will never say that people will move on from FPS,  I will never say that they are bad games. But I will say this, I am personally burnt out on them.



Edit: I feel as though I "lied" in this post. As I read it, it looks like I don't like FPS at all anymore. This could not be more inaccurate. I still love games like Borderlands 1 and 2, and other FPS games with action adventure or RPG elements in them. Games that don't pit me against someone else with the only driving force that I can see now is to be king kill'em all and be the top guy in the lobby. So there, hopefully this puts the topic in the light that I wanted.