As of this week, I've completed Super Mario Odyssey. When I say "completed," I mean that I've beaten the main game, collected enough moons to get all the outfits, and conquered the greatest platforming challenge that the postgame has to offer on the Darker Side of the moon. With no new kingdoms left to unlock and no substantial rewards left to pursue, I'm willing to say that I'm finished with Odyssey (at least for a while).

And boy, what an excellent game it was. It may not have thrilled or surprised me in the way that a game like Breath of the Wild did, and I think its collectathon structure and general lack of challenge puts it behind Super Mario 64, but I was always thoroughly enjoying myself while playing Odyssey. From the moment it was announced, I knew what I wanted and expected from this game - and it delivered exactly that.

Judging by Nintendo's trailers, I expected the fastest 3D Mario ever with all the best jumps and mobility options from the history of the series rolled into one - which I got. I expected big, beautiful kingdoms with plenty to explore and discover in the vein of Super Mario 64 - which I got. I expected joyous, invigorating music and bubbly characters - which I got. And I expected a healthy postgame with a wealth of additional stuff to do - which I got.

Super Mario Odyssey is the first game in a long time that has fully met my expectations and hype for it (and before you ask, I never had the same prerelease hype for Breath of the Wild - the gameplay trailers and Treehouse showings did not do it justice). What games did you have great expectations for? Which ones actually met those expectations? New or old games, good or bad games... tell me yours in the comments!