After finally returning from an overlong vacation, I’m back online and itching to talk about games again! A lot of my time over the past few weeks of “relaxing” has been spent carting my Switch around to play a game about Italian plumbers and French rabbits: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Ever since the crazy crossover was first leaked, I was kind of ironically excited for it. But to my surprise, the game looked better and better as we got closer to launch, and now we have a great little XCOM-lite with excellent music and plenty of personality.

Crossover games have historically appeared mainly as fighting games, especially considering the huge number of them that Capcom has made. But there have been plenty of crossover games in different genres as well - Project X Zone, Kingdom Hearts, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics... the list goes on. Crossovers are usually designed as pure fan service, with varying degrees of quality as actual video games. But if there’s one thing that games like Mario + Rabbids proves, it’s that any absurd combination of IPs can come out well when put into the right hands.

So let me ask you: what's your ideal crossover game? I honestly don’t know what mine would be - there’s such a myriad of possibilities out of all the games I love, and I think nobody really knows that they want a crossover until it actually happens. If you had your way, what would be your “dream match” of video games? Who would develop it, and what would it play like? Comment with your ideas or theories!