With all the announcements about Call of Duty: WWII this past week, there’s been plenty of hubbub surrounding the game. Young CoD fans, or others who jumped on at Modern Warfare, seem justifiably excited by the idea. Older players and those who still have a bit of “WWII video game” fatigue under their belts seem to be less interested. As for myself, those in-game trailers made it look like a remake of World at War to me, but who knows? The last Call of Duty game that I actually bought was Black Ops, so I can’t really see myself buying this one. Regardless, I’m not here to start another battle over Call of Duty. But it did get me thinking about the history of World War II games, so I’m here to ask you all a question.

There have been tons of games based on WWII in the past, but which one was your favorite? Of course, things like the Wolfenstein series and the early Call of Duty games immediately come to mind for me. But personally, I think my favorite would have to be Company of Heroes (even though I haven’t played it in some time). Aside from being an extremely well-made RTS, I remember it feeling like an uncompromisingly visceral take on World War II compared to other games with similar source material. The then-amazing visuals and the smart inclusion of in-mission cutscenes for an RTS brought life (and death) to your units in vivid detail. It also excelled at simulating tension in battle with its exceptionally clever AI, deep command system and strategic options, great scaling difficulty, and unpredictable situations.

Tell me yours in the comments!