Hello again, beloved GI community! What, you don't remember me? I can't say I blame you - it's been quite a while since the last time we talked to each other. This is Connor Trinske again, and I used to be an intern here at Game Informer back in early 2016. I really loved writing news, features, previews and more for GI before I headed out into the unstable world of freelance video game journalism, but there's one thing in particular that I've increasingly wanted to do since then: rejoin the day-to-day discussion with all of you here on Game Informer Online.

Being able to write articles and opinions about games, get responses from a close-knit readership, and then respond to them directly is something that I've sorely missed over the past year. Weekend Warriors and Reader Discussions used to be some of my favorite things to do as an intern. Now that I finally have a more consistent schedule and at least some time of my own, I want to jump back in here and start writing on GIO again, this time on my blog. I'm really looking forward to getting back in touch with you all and reading what you have to say in the user blogs and comments! I'll be writing a piece over the weekend about the significance of the Kingdom Hearts series and why I fell out of love with it - from my experiences with the games between then and now to what the future could hold for the franchise. Be sure to look out for that in the coming days and exchange some spicy takes with me once it's published. Until then, see you around the site!