Issue 201 January 2010


Cover: Dead Space 2

The cover is very well done and can easily get people excited for Dead Space 2.  I mean who doesn't love kicking the enemies face in. I love how the front and back of the magazine is shown as a landscape view.

Feedback: Its where readers such as ourselves get to give feedback or even ask questions.

Gone But Not Forgotten-

This section 3 reader talked about some of the previous section that they loved in the old magazine such as the trivia sections and classics. I am happy that the trivia section will still be represented in the magazine as Game Over. That is one of m favorite sections even though I usually don't know most of the answers and guess at them lol. One section I do miss are the editor bios. I understand that the GI Staff needs to make tough choice and yes it will be sad to seee one of my favorite sections go. But I trust the GI staff and beleive in the better GI future!

For The Horde!-

This section Kevin Bockenstette brought up the issue of single player games not having the same replayability as multiplayer games. I think single player games are meant to be those epic games that you remember for story and play every once in a while after you beat it the first time. Those epic games that live on and on. Multiplayer games to me should have more replayability because it involves other players and even though some might not admit it every gamer has an urge to be the best or known lol.

Insert Coins-

This section was abou developers annoucingDLC before a game even releases. I had a hard choice here because I mostly agree with Sahir Rama but the GI Staff do bring up a point. I still think that developers should not rely on DLC too much but use it to add something that they couldn't add before because of time restraints.

Go Harder-

 In this section Ryan Baloghaccuse the GI Staff of not properly rating games because he thinks they do not play the game on the hardest difficulty. I think your supposed to rate the game on the normal difficulty. Harder difficulty is just meant to up the challenge and really make things harder. just like an easier diffuclty is meant to make it easier until you get the hang of things.

Gallery: Where the have the picture contest.

I personally liked number 5 by Sam Shapman the best out of the group. It is simple and done well. Follwing number 5 is number 4 by Isaac LaRussa. The only thing with number 4 thoush is the background has got to go. All of the front people with the glasses are awesome though.

Oceans Apart: What Our Favorite Games Look Like Over Seas.

I found this article very awesome and very educational. For many years I have wondered why do different countries have different boxarts. For years I have been jealous at some of Japans boxart for some games. Ben Reeves listed the following reasons:

Reason One: Be Culturally Relevant-

He explains how some countries focus on a certain style in their boxart.

Reson Two: Know Your Audience-

He brought up something I never even thought about. Do other countries like Captian America?!

Reason Three: Be Socially Sensitive-

Each country has likes and dislikes which affect the boxart for each game.

Reason Four: Match a Name Change-

Obviously we all know sometimes a game is called something else in a different country and the boxart can reflect that.

Reason Five: Hide Ugly Characters-

This really shocked me because it didn't seem like a great reason but the funny part is it is true!



The Good, Bad, and the Ugly: News with a sarcastic spin

My favorite news is in the "Good" section. It simply talks about the release date for Final Fantasy XIII being March 9th, 2010 which we should all or mostly know by now.


The Co-Op Condition: Talks about Co-Op gaming.

In this section Megan VanBlurkleo(Go Megan!) talks about co-op gaming and how much gamers want it to be in their games.(duh) So it shows a survery taken(where are these surveys I never see) so I will just show you my results if I was to have taken the survey!

The Basics-

Question 1: Do you identify yourself as a social or solo gamer?

Social                                                                                  X


Question 2: If you identify yourself as a social gamer, which do you prefer?

Co-op                                                                                 X

Competitive Multiplayer

Question 3: What is your preferred co-op setup?

Online                                                                                X

Split Screen

Shared Screen

Question 4: What's your favorite co-op genre?

First/Third-person Shooters                                              X




Question 5: What are your biggest co-op qualms?

Limited Co-op Play                                                         X

No intergrated split-screen/online Play

No split screen

There are my answers as you can now see. Maybe you would like to compare your results with mine. Now there are more parts to this section but due to the fact I don't know how to make a graph on here and don't want to spoil all of it for you I will be skipping the Breakdown section and some other in the entire Co-op Condition.

The next to questions are asked acompanied with some more result and info but I will just answer them out honestly.

What is your favorite Co-op tittle?

As of right now, my favorite co-op tittle is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Its an awesome experience working with two other people to complete the mission. Even play to last 10 rounds is amazingly fun and hard but rewarding if you manage to complete it because you get lots of money and should level up to if you do good!

Are you willing to pay to play:

No never in my life....ok lookif it was worth it I would strongly think about it, but I am poor and I cant afford to keep paying for things like this lol. Do they know we are in the recesion too?