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Physical Appearance

Shiva's basic physical characteristics are that of a willowy human female with extremely pale skin and long, blue hair to invoke an image of ice and cold. This image is reinforced in later summon sequences by the addition of arctic winds, freezing temperatures and large ice crystal formations. Despite the cold, Shiva invariably wears only enough clothing to conceal her modesty, along with boots and other minor aesthetic pieces.



Final Fantasy III:


This is the first Final Fantasy to introduce Shiva and the ability to summon. She can be acquired by purchase of the Level 2 Summon Magic spell Icen.

Summon Video:

Shiva Summon from 20 seconds - 23 seconds



  • Mesmerize: casts Sleep on all enemies
  • Icy Stare: deals Ice damage to one enemy
  • Diamond Dust: deals Ice damage to all enemies


Final Fantasy IV


Shiva appears as a summon for the character Rydia after she rejoins the group in the Underworld. She is also a boss in Rydia's trial in the Lunar Ruins in the Advance release. Shiva returns in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years as one of the Eidolons being controlled by the Mysterious Girl. She can be permanently killed and lost forever as a summon unless the player stops attacking her after she stops attacking.

Summon Video:

Shiva Summon 23 seconds - 42 seconds

Eidolon Library:

"Shiva, the Ice Queen...To incur her wrath is to feel your very heart freeze in your chest, for cold is her anger and swift her vengeance."


Final Fantasy V:

The Summoner job class has ability to call her. She is obtained in a tower behind Walse Castle. This was the first time Shiva appeared as a boss and must be obtained by defeating her. Along with her are three Ice Soldiers who also must be defeated.

Shiva Battle:

Summon Video:


Shiva Summon 31 seconds - 47 seconds


Final Fantasy VI:

Appears as an Esper, first encountered by the Returners in the Magitek Factory of Vector. After being drained of her power, she and Ifrit are disposed of by Kefka Palazzo in a waste chute. Believing they mean the two Espers harm, Ifrit attacks the group. Shiva soon senses Ramuh's power within them, and halts the battle. They then grant their abilities to the Returners. Her attacks' Spell Power is 52, and she costs 27 MP to summon. She is unblockable. She teaches the following spells:

  • Blizzard x10
  • Blizzara x5
  • Osmose x4
  • Rasp x4
  • Cure x3

Summon Video:


Final Fantasy VII:

Shiva materia is obtained from Priscilla of lower Junon after Cloud and company defeat the boss Bottomswell. She can then be assigned to a weapon or armor, and called upon in combat. This marks the first time Shiva has been seen in 3D.

Summon Video:


Final Fantasy VIII:

Guardian Forces (GF) are the summonable creatures of Final Fantasy VIII, used by junctioning them to a character. The GF govern major stat growth, elemental/status offense and defense, and the commands a character may use during battle. Each GF has a preset list of abilities they can learn, but through the use of certain items, the GF can learn additional abilities and forget those that were previously learned.

Shiva is available as one of two Guardian Forces assigned to protagonist Squall Leonhart at the start of the story. In keeping with Final Fantasy VIII's Junction System, Shiva may be assigned freely to any party member throughout the game. If Squall attempts to exit Balamb Garden before accessing the tutorial where he obtains her, Quistis will present both Shiva and Quezacotl to him before reaching the world map.

Summon Video:


Final Fantasy IX:

Shiva is an Eidolon that can only be summoned by Princess Garnet. The Opal is the jewel through which she learns Shiva and her Diamond Dust attack. Shiva was first discovered by summoners in the form of a small child. As years passed she eventually grew into her more familiar and adult appearance.

Summon Video:


Final Fantasy X:

The Aeon Shiva's manifestation in this game is the result of dream-imagery provided by a Fayth (the sentient spirit of a dead person). Summonable entities in Final Fantasy X came under player control for the first time in the series, and replaced the player's own party members when called into battle. Aeons possessed a number of new unique attacks alongside the ability to attack and use magic and abilities, and could carry out their traditional main attack via the Overdrive system. Shiva is acquired at the Macalania Temple and can be used in the battle against Seymour even before she is named by the player. When Lulu receives and charges her Celestial Weapon, Onion Knight, Shiva will be able to break the damage limit of 9,999 HP. Shiva's fayth is that of a priestess of Macalania. In the International and PAL versions of the game, Dark Shiva will appear as an exceptionally hard optional boss when the party attempts to re-enter Macalania Temple after escaping from Bevelle.

Summon Video(Includes attacks):


Final Fantasy XI:

Shiva appears in Final Fantasy XI as one of the 6 celestial avatars. She represents the ice element. The job class Summoner can unlock the "spell" Shiva upon completion of the quest "Trial By Ice." Alternatively, a brave low-level summoner may go on the quest Trial Size Trial By Ice and defeat Shiva in a battle alone rather than in a group. She has the highest magic attack of the six celestial avatars in the game thus far, making her merited blood pact "Heavenly Strike" a popular choice. Shiva is also the name of one of the Games Servers.


Final Fantasy XII:

Shiva is the rank 3 Water Ranged summon, and costs 20 affinity points to summon. Her normal attack, Triple Slap, deals water damage to one foe with three successive hits. Her special, Diamond Dust, deals heavy water damage to all enemies in range, and causes stop. She is one of the unique water types in that she is really an ice-type. Therefore, she is weak to fire instead of thunder. There are two other weaker Yarhi which are also named after Shiva which are Shivan and Shivar, which are stated to be her child and lover respectively.


Shivar (Darling Shiva) is an Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. The Rank 2 Water Ranged summon, he costs 18 Affinity points to summon. His normal attack, Blizzard, deals Water damage to one foe. His special, Absolute Zero, inflicts Stop on one foe. He is one of the unique Water-types in that he is really an Ice-type. Therefore, he is weak to Fire instead of Thunder.

Shivar is described as being Shiva's lover, but has not made any other appearance in series thus far. He is similar to Shiva in terms of appearance and powers, the only major difference being that he is male. This is likely a reference to the Hindu God Shiva's dual gender.


Shivan (Baby Shiva) is an Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. The Rank I Water Ranged summon, she costs 11 affinity points to summon. Her normal attack, Blizzard, deals Water damage to one foe. She is one of the unique Water types in that she is really an Ice-type. Therefore, she is weak to Fire instead of Thunder.

Shiva Airship:



Final Fantasy XIII:

In Final Fantasy XIII Shiva appears as two sisters, one light blue in color with a dark patch around one eye, and the other dark blue with a light patch. These two sisters become a motorcycle in their Gestalt Mode which Snow Villiers arrived on in the Jump Festa 2006 trailer to come to Lightning's aid. Although she is a recurring summon featured in most of the previous titles in the series, this time around Shiva isn't limited to just the ice element but can apparently wield many of them. According to the Japanese Shonen Jump Magazine released after E3 2009, their names are Styria and Nix. Styria is the dark-skinned one who is the elder sister, while the white-skinned Nix is the younger.

Snow and Gestalt Mode:


Snow and Gestalt Mode Shiva Summon Video:


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