Here we are with another video showcasing some of video games greatest moments. This time I decided to take a look a generation back and showcase one of my all-time favorite games, Resident Evil 4. I absolutely adored this game during its release back in 2005. This was/is one of the most unforgettable games I've ever played and it reignited my love in the Resident Evil franchise.  

I still remember going back and playing through Resident Evil 0-Code Veronica  after beating Resident Evil 4. Any game that can make revisiting previous entries enticing is a remarkable game in my book. Without any further delay, here is one of Resident Evil 4's Greatest Video Game Moments.




Also, take a moment of your time to take a look at Craigaleg's latest video review for Dust: An Elysian Tale. The guy deserves some serious props for continuing to make video reviews.