Warning: This Video Will Contain Massive Amounts of Gore, Language, Spoilers, and Shuffling Hoards of the Undead. Viewer Discursion is Advised.


With Episode 3: The Long Road Ahead releasing sometime in the near future, what better time to take a moment to reflect upon another Greatest Video Game Moment?  This time I take a look at Episode 2: Starved for Help and one of the hardest morality based choices that has even been featured in a video game ever.


This is a choice that has to played through multiple times to fully appreciate the potential impact that it will have on future episodes. Personally, I think TellTale has absolutely nailed making morality based decisions meaningful.


Also, planning on doing a video review for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition as soon as it releases. That should be available sometime within the next week as well as another Greatest Video Game Moment.

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