This week we take to the mountains as I review the recently revived SSX. Is it worth all of your hard earned money and time? Is outrunning an avalanche exciting? Will you find true love after watching this video? Is this going to stop you from drooling over Mass Effect 3 when it releases next week? Some of those answers can be found by simply watching this video review for SSX.

Developers: EA Canada

Publishers: EA Sports

Release Date: February 28, 2012

Platform Reviewed: xbox 360.

Brief Description: An over-the-top snowboarding game with a heavy emphasis on insane tricks, varied locations, customization, and unique online play with only minor design faults. Plus, there's a kickass soundtrack.








As an added bonus, watch as I horribly stumble through the first bit of the game.




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Signed: Cody Gilley