This week I take a look at the recently released Gotham City Imposters. Is this latest arcade FPS worth your time and hard earned money? You'll have to watch the video to find out. However, I will say that Hatchets will be involved. Lots and lots of delicious hatchets.



                                             Gotham City Imposters Video Review





Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment        

Developed by:Monolith

Release Date:February 7,2012                                                                               

Available Platforms:PSN, XBLA, Games For Windows Live

Reviewed Copy:Xbox 360






I appreciate everyone who took the time to watch this first attempt at video reviewing in almost a year. If you liked it, please comment, subscribe, and like. Now, I'm off to make a montage of hatchet and beat-trap kills. Yes, I'm aware of my problem.