Now, I know this will not one of the longest posts I have ever done, but I just found some really a really helpful way to make an insane amount of money in Dead Island. This trick can be done pretty early on in the main game, so it can come in handy if you want to get a good head start and not have to worry about money.

Okay, the first thing you are going to want to finish the game up until after the "Born to be Wild" main story mission, and make sure that you finish the mission in coop. After you complete the mission, you and your friend(s) should both receive a set of Diamonds as a reward worth 1,500$.  What you are going to do now is have your friend drop his set of Diamonds. Now, have your friend drop to the dashboard and rejoin your game. Once he is back, you should notice that he still has his Diamonds. So, keep going until you have at least 10 sets of Diamonds. It's time now to swap places and give your Diamonds to your partner. Repeat glitch until you have desired amount of cloned Diamonds and enjoy. By the time you are done, you should have more than enough money to last the entire game. I would also advise making a "bank" character in case  you want to do this trick again or with some more friends.

It should be noted that this can be done with any weapon or item that you are able to sell. I simple put the Diamonds because it has a much higher value than most items early on and is something that cannot be missed.


It is also entirely possible to use this to get an extra set of weapons from a friend, as you can just simply duplicate anything that can be dropped.

This trick can also be used with "continuous" missions/ Just clone whatever item the quest giver wants and bam, instant xp glitching. I don't really advise doing this, as it is much faster to simply kill zombies and do missions, but it could be helpful if you are having trouble in the earlier parts of the game.


I hope I was able to give a little help to all those who have just picked up Dead Island. This is a really fantastic game and thought I would share this little trick I found out. This isn't the longest post I have ever done, but I did want to share this helpful trick I found out. It feels nice finding something like this out =)


So, I hope you all found this useful and wish you all a great stay on Dead Island. Safe trails and happy gaming!