As we all very well know, the next generation of console gaming is finally coming to fruition this month, with Sony releasing their highly anticipated PS4, along with Microsoft releasing the still confusing but all the same excitement-inducing Xbox One. People are understandably hyped for what Microsoft and Sony have worked for years in making for our gaming pleasure. But, the one question that has yet to be asked is maybe the most important one of all; what do we do after this?

          I don't know about you as a reader, but I can confidently say that I don't have the slightest clue as to what the generation of gaming after the one we're about to receive holds for us. How much better can we really make games look after what we've seen for this upcoming generation? How will Microsoft beat the Xbox One when they inevitably release the Xbox One, Two, Three (or whatever horrible name Microsoft decides to give to it)? How will Sony do better than the PS4 with the PS5? These are questions that are actually quite frequent in my mind. These are actually very important questions to ask ourselves as of this moment. How on earth will we be able to outdo what it is we've just done? Well, I do have a few predictions, but for now, I will politely keep those to myself.

          Graphics are obviously getting turned up to 11 for the next generation of consoles, which has me very excited for the 22nd (I'm a Microsoft buyer first). But it also has me very nervous, more because I can't imagine games looking better than how they will look at the end of this month, along with the rest of this generation. Maybe I'm wrong, and they can make games look even better than they do, but I think that we can all admit that it's a little hard to imagine without being a game designer to begin with (or being revolutionaries in the industry, which there are more of the one might think, actually). The graphics of a game for the Xbox One and the PS4 currently (or at least in my opinion) look almost realistic. The only direction (that I can see) for the consoles after these are going to be full on realistic graphics. This fact also has me very excited, because of how great the games will look. Maybe I'm nervous for nothing then, but I still have my doubts on how well things will work out when developers have to inevitably go in this direction (and we know that at least COD will attempt this).

          But maybe the most important part of a new generation of consoles is seeing how they incorporate new gameplay mechanics and how they really change up how we play our games. Sony obviously has something planned with the touch pad on the dualshock 4 controller, but it's a little less obvious with Microsoft. The Xbox One controller doesn't seem to do anything majorly different, although maybe that's just me. I'm intrigued to see what Microsoft does this upcoming generation with new gameplay mechanics, although I also won't be surprised if they try and make the Kinect the way to change up gameplay (I'm only disappointed because they attempted to have the Kinect do that with the Xbox 360, but that didn't work out so well, with most of its functionality being really dysfunctional). How Sony and Microsoft with change up the gameplay for the generation after this one is really interesting, because I do have one prediction on that; VR helmets. That's about the only way that I can imagine them really changing up the gameplay for the next go around. Otherwise, it will probably be a little bit of a change on something we've already seen before.

          But where's Nintendo is all of this? They already have they're next gen console out (the rather disappointing Wii U), but they haven't capitalized on it yet. The question really is this; what will Nintendo do the next time in to really make an impact on the gaming industry? Well, the answer's quite simple; they will wow us with the next console. The Wii was a pretty good console, but it was a little bit disappointing. The Wii U has just been a flop (although it does have some really decent games for it now, so I don't see why it would be bad to check it out now). So I easily see Nintendo coming out and wowing everybody with the next Wii console (or if they decide to go back to regular controllers). Nintendo, I think, still has some really and truly great ideas up their sleeves. They just need to search for them a little and use them.

          The next generation of consoles is looking pretty impressive, but will the generation after next? That is the question, and the answer has yet to be answered (nor will it anytime soon). But, whatever happens with the next generation, I can safely say that I will be there, waiting to see how it turns out. And oh how excited I am already for the generation after next. 

Thanks for reading my writing sample for n00b magazine. I hope you enjoyed it; I enjoyed writing it, for sure. Tell me how you feel about the next generation of gaming, which console you want to buy, which game you can't wait to play, or just how you liked the blog/writing sample, in the comments below. Thanks again. Have a nice day, and a nice weekend!