First thing to say is that Tom Clancy, the writer of such amazing books like The Hunt For Red October, Red Rabbit, and Executive Order, On top of great games as Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six Vegas(which is being reviewed here today), and the upcoming next generation masterpiece of a game called The Division, will be missed, and that this review is in memory of him. His spirit lives on in his incredible writing.

Now, for the part of this blog that you guys actually came to see, which is the review. This is the second free game from September. Is it really worth playing, or is it really just another FPS? I can easily say that this is a great game, and that it shouldn't be skipped. Read on to find out why. This is just my opinion, so please don't take this for a fact. Enjoy!

Title: Rainbow Six Vegas


Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC


ESRB Rating: M for Mature


Play Modes: 1 player campaign; 1-4 cooperative multiplayer; and 1-16 player competitive multiplayer


The game looks good in certain areas, but it looks pretty rough in other areas. The character models are pretty good(except for the same three enemy character models), but the environments look pretty drab. Which is a shame, because the game takes you to some pretty interesting places, like Mexico and Las Vegas(obviously). And they also have some convenient product placement(AXE and Dodge are the most prominent, but there are others as well). The assorted games themselves look pretty good for the time that this game actually came out as well, so people who are picky about that stuff(like me) won't be too disappointed.



This isn't an easy game to play. On normal, I was dying quite a lot(maybe it was because I'm not a talented player, but either way), and on realistic, it's just insanely harder to play. This is meant to be realistic, though, so don't just play on normal on every playthrough. Hit up the realistic difficulty and see how tough it is, and I'm very sure that you will have a blast doing so.


The story itself is very interesting, as most(if not all) of Tom Clancy's writings are. And while I won't spoil anything(as that would be a really rude thing for me to do), I really liked it. It was interesting, and that is how a real narrative should be written.

Multiplayer is also of high quality, so no worries on it being just a tacked on mode. It's worth playing. You can either play it as a competitive FPS or a cooperative FPS, and both options are equally viable and fun to take part in. In the cooperative, you play along and use teamwork with three other players in a variety of modes. The enemy AI in this mode(and this whole game, for the matter) is incredibly intelligent. It knows how to fight, and you will die at least once at the hands of it. In the competitive, you fight against human players. This is really what seems to have inspired COD 4: MW the most, and it's just really fun to play. Using tactics and strategy in an FPS against human players is a little different(at least for people who've played a lot of today's recent FPS attempts), and it's a nice breath of fresh air.


My Final Score: 9.25/10

Even with some it's problems(like the graphics and the uncapable ally AI), this game is definitely worth checking out, for Tom Clancy fans, FPS shooter fans, tactical shooter fans, or just fans of good games. It isn't free on XBLA anymore, but it's still not going to be that expensive(it did come out in 2006, after all). I do feel that this score is fair, because any higher would be me just fanboying out for Tom Clancy games, and any lower would be me just nit picking. I hope you guys enjoy playing this great game.

Thanks for reading my Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas review. Hopefully this has been informational for anybody wanting to make a purchase of this game, but hasn't quite done it yet. Tell me how you feel about this game, how you feel about the score, or just how you liked the blog, in the comments below. Like I said previously, I have dedicated this review to my favorite writer of all time, Tom Clancy. Have a nice day!