With WWII, the Vietnam War, the 1980s in the Middle East, the modern times, and now with near future, it would seem to many, including my friends, that COD has used up all of the potential settings for a game. But, I think that there are some other settings that would make for a good COD game. There are four that I will name. This is just my opinion, so please don't take this for a fact. Enjoy!

(WWI setting)

WWI was the first war to include pretty much every nation on the planet in some way, and it effected every single nation on the planet, involved or not. Yet, nobody has decided to make a game just for this setting? a baffling thing to actually know as truth. But, it would make for a good setting, if thought about. I would really want to see this setting used, and I think that it would turn out very good for COD fans and for the franchise itself, which needs to take it way back for it's next installment.

(Civil War setting)

The Civil War setting has only been attempted once, in a below average shooter from the History Channel. But, I think that COD could do it better than the before mentioned game, with better graphics, better controls, better voice work, better audio, better narrative, and just more fun. The campaign would work like the History Channel game, but it would, again, be a better attempt. The multiplayer would have players choosing between the north and the south, and actually fighting for the side that was chosen.

(Revolutionary War setting)

The Revolutionary War is the war that brought The United States Of America to reality, and it has already been featured in games before(most notably with Assassin's Creed III). But, it hasn't been attempted by COD yet, which would be just a huge experiment. With the replacement of assault rifles and M9 pistols to muskets and flintlock pistols, it would take some retraining for about every player who's played COD, which would really give new players a chance to get into the franchise and really enjoy the game.

(Future setting)

Many would say that this would be the Haloing of the COD franchise, but I don't think so. As long as they kept aliens and other Halo like things out of the game, it could and would be like a COD game. And some would say that it might not be the best idea. But, I say that if they can make near future(Black Ops II) with quality and still do well, I think that just going to 2075 and having more futuristic weapons would be able to work out for COD just as well.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this. I will still write my blogs that was supposed to for my 31/31 with the same titles, and they will still represent it. If I can get all three of the ones that I need to get up today, than maybe I can consider this a success instead of a failure. Tell me in the comments below which setting you think COD should use next, which setting that I chose you think will be the downfall of COD, or just how you liked the blog. Later today I will write about my feelings on the now overused modern setting in FPS. Have a nice day!