In pretty much every shooter, we get at least one awesome gun that's just memorable. I, thinking that, decided to put this list together. Note that these are all guns from more modern games, so no shotgun from Doom(sorry). This is just my opinion, so please don't take this for a fact. Enjoy!

#10(Head Hunter from Bulletstorm)

This gun, in my opinion, is the most memorable gun in Bulletstorm. Being able to move your bullets is really cool, but you can also make these bullets explode is they bullet is charged. And it's also an easy way to clear out a crowd, because it kills in one shot. This is my favorite gun from Bulletstorm, and I was constantly trying to find a reason to use it, even when I knew that it wasn't practical at the time for me to use it. Getting a no scope isn't as much fun with this gun as using the scope, and that's a rare thing to say about a sniper rifle in a FPS.

#9(ACR from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

This is my second favorite gun from the MW franchise, and the third favorite from the COD franchise. Everything about the gun just says awesome to me. The design, the attributes, the low recoil, and even the awesome name(how cool is it to say ACR?). And it's very combat effective, to add on top of everything else. If you want to dominate in a multiplayer mach, just get this as your primary, and your all set for a winning match.

#8(Gun Sword from Final Fantasy VIII)

This is the coolest thing(and the only thing) that I remember from Final Fantasy VIII. The concept alone is just the perfect medieval weapon that would be an army maker of one man. A sword and a revolver combined? Pure genius, and I now want to own one of these amazing looking weapons. It was also a pretty good weapon in the game as well, and it really was useful in winning some of the tougher battles. I just love this thing, and I don't care who says that this doesn't belong on here. It's just that awesome. It doesn't care.

#7(Portal Gun from Portal franchise)

If you've played either of the games in the extremely popular Portal franchise, you know how it works. It doesn't exactly kill things or cause harm to things like a normal gun(or even most abnormal guns)do, but this is very recognizable, even if you don't play Portal, because it's that popular a thing in today's society. Before playing Portal, I looked at a Game Informer magazine that I'd received a couple of years ago and pointed out that this was the portal gun. It's a very cool gun, even if it doesn't work like a gun usually does.

#6(Bolt Action Sniper Rifle from Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

This is just a really cool variant on the sniper rifle from the spectacular Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This variant, unlike the regular version, comes with a cool camo, and extended magazine, and a silencer on it from the get go. And you still can add some upgrades to this weapon to really make it that awesome sniper rifle. I used it continuously throughout the game(even the ending), and I had a lot of fun using it. And, it just looks so awesome.

#5(Alien Blaster from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas)

This was a rare treat to find in Fallout 3(with hard work looking for it) and Fallout: New Vegas(with the special ability chosen and for searching for the aliens), and it's fun to use. When most weapons won't work against the Deathclaw barely, this gun will take it down with two or three shots(and it fires quickly). The only downside is that ammo for this weapon is extremely(EXTREMELY) rare, so you have to really conserve what you get. But, this is the reason why I wanted to explore so much of both of these games' worlds, and then I started taking in the world, on top of searching for this incredible weapon. That's how this gun is so amazing to me. It made me search for it, and I was having even more fun with the game while I was doing it.

#4(Battle Rifle from Halo franchise)

This is a truly iconic weapon for the Halo franchise, and it's easy to see why, with the great looking design of the gun to the cool sound it makes, on top of it's combat effectiveness. It's so popular with the Halo franchise that Master Chief himself is holding it on the cover art for the truly great Halo 3. I like to find this gun every time I'm playing Halo(if I don't already have it). Many would say that the Needler should replace this, and I do respect their opinions(it is a very good and creative gun in and of itself), but I really just like this gun more. If it can beat out the Needler for me, than that's saying something.

#3(Lancer from Gears Of War franchise)

Gears Of War has plenty of cool guns in it, and many of them are creative, but none of them are both simple(a lot of people of have probably thought of putting a chainsaw on a machine gun before this game came out) and just pure awesome in its design. The idea of a chainsaw on your gun as a viable option for disposing of your enemies is really a creative idea that I don't think has been tried in video games too much before hand, and none of them has reached the level of popularity that this gun has. It's really cool, and it's also practical(except for the huge chainsaw that's right on the front grip of the gun itself, which is just for being awesome). I really like this gun, and if it were to ever be a real working gun, I'd buy it.

#2(M4A1 from Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, MW2, MW3,)

This is my favorite gun in all of Call Of Duty, and every time it's in it, I use it for multiplayer. It's just fun to use. The sound it gives off is oh so satisfying, and it has that great design that has made it the primary weapon of U.S. special forces for a good while now. The iron sights(I don't usually look at iron sights specifically, but it has to be looked at here)are just amazing. With the M27 in Black Ops II, I can't stand using it, because the iron sights are different. That's how much I like using this gun(without any sights on it). It's just really cool, and it shows how well America can make a firearm.

#1(Gravity Gun from Half Life 2)

I don't know if this is also in the original Half Life, so sorry about not putting it there if it is. But, this gun is just so amazing that I would put it at the top of the list if it's only in the sequel. I love using this thing, because the whole idea of it is really bizarre and interests me. Being able to pick up anything you want with the gravity gun and use it as a weapon(realisticly) is what makes this gun so cool, on top of it shooting lightning(or something like lightning) at anything that can be effected by the gravity gun to move it out of your way. This gun is just so cool, and I wish they were real, so that I could have one. I just love this gun.


I hope that you've enjoyed reading this list. Tell me in the comments below what your favorite video game guns are, tell me off about not including guns from older games, which guns you think I should have put in this list, or just how you liked the blog. Tomorrow I will write a blog about what settings I think COD might still have up it's sleave. Have a nice day!