(Don't worry. This guy isn't on the list)

We all listen to game journalists. They give us the information that we like to hear about games that have yet to release. They review games and let us know if they are worth our time and money. And they go to all of these great conventions and tell us who was really representing at the conventions. And for doing that for us, I'm grateful. I want to look at the five who I think do there job better than anybody else. This is just my opinion, so please don't take this for a fact. Enjoy!

#5(Max Scoville)

Max Scoville currently works at both Destructoid and Rev3games. He recently did a review for Saints Row IV(you can check it out at Rev3games' YouTube channel), he is usually on the immensely entertaining Casual Friday, and is the host, along with Tara Long, of the Dtoid show. He does a lot of stuff, among other things. He makes listening to what he has to say interesting and at the same time amusing. He makes a review of a bad game, which I wouldn't enjoy watching, funny. And if it's a good game(just watch his Far Cry 3 review. You'll see what I'm talking about. And while I don't think that he can be called the greatest of all time, he definitely earns this spot on the list.

#4(Andrew Reiner)

Andrew Reiner currently works at Game Informer, where he is usually the host on Test Chamber and is a regular on Replay, all the while working for the best video game publication in the world. He does a great job of giving us information on the games that he gets to take a dive into, and his reviews are all of top notch quality(even if I don't agree with the score). He is a memorable member of the Game Informer staff, and he does his job well. He earns this spot only because the people above him barely earn there position over him. But he definitely deserves to be on the list.

#3(Dan Ryckert)

Dan Ryckert is currently at Game Informer, where he is a regular on Test Chamber, along with working at Game Informer, which is the #3 most read publication on the planet. He had humor galore, and he shows it on every video he's in. His reviews also have humor, on top of being very informational and enjoyable to read. And while many who will read this will say that Andrew Reiner and Dan Ryckert should switch numbers, they are the only ones who I think can be switched on this list and be perfectly okay. The number, for them at least, doesn't show where they are on my list. Dan earned his spot here.

#2(Angry Joe)

Angry Joe is currently working on his YouTube channel Angryjoeshow, and he has a website of the same name. He has comprehensive reviews, with the information that we, as gamers, want, with no sugar coating. He will tell you how it is with a game, and he doesn't care who it is that he has to tell it to. And he puts together 20-30 minute videos for his reviews, where he has skits throughout his review to add humor to the presentation of yelling, either out of anger or joy. He also has some quite competent previews, along with his movie reviews, vlogs, and interviews. Angry Joe can't possibly be angry about making it this high on the list.

I've saved the best for the #1 spot. Everybody knows him if they're into gaming. And some do even if they aren't into gaming. He's the pinnacle of game journalism.

#1(Adam Sessler)

Adam Sessler currently works at Rev3games, where he hosts Spoiled Games, Address the Sess, Sessler's Something, and is a regular on Casual Friday. He used to work on the now deceased gaming T.V. show X-play. He is what a game journalist is. He has extremely comprehensive interviews, deep and informative previews, and great reviews that about hit how a game really is right on the head with the analog stick-shaped hammer. He is definitely the best game journalist in the industry, and he earns this spot.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my list of the top video game journalists. Tell me in the comments below who your favorite video game journalist is, who you think shouldn't have been on this list, or just how you liked the blog. I won't tell you what I will write for a blog tomorrow, but I can say that it will involve this in the title: Based on the true story? Have a nice day!