I have noticed that, with me liking to keep up with the different devs, that I like some more than others. But then I got to thinking about what you guys' favorite devs are. So, with that in mind, I took 32 different devs and put them up against each other. Just type in the name of the devs you are voting for. Enjoy voting!

Infinity Ward VS. Treyarch

Platinum Games VS. Volition

Irrational Games VS. Naughty Dog

Valve VS. Sony Santa Monica Studios

Rockstar Games VS. Capcom

Bethesda VS. Gearbox Software

Visceral Games VS. Ventra

Ubisoft Montreal VS. DICE

Crytek VS. Retro

Kaos VS. Massive Games Entertainment

Harmonix VS. Neversoft

Black Rock Studios VS. Criterion Games

4A Games VS. Vigil Games

Eidos Montreal VS. Capcom Vancouver

Bungie VS. Epic Games

Bioware VS. Insomniac Games

Tomorrow, I will have the ones that win this up against each other for part 2. Have a nice day!