I really like to play games in the horror genre, because they can scare me a lot(something movies seem to not be able to do to me), and I have played a good number of different horror games. But for this blog, I'm going to take a look at the four most popular, tell how I think they have been doing lately, and give my opinions on how they can improve. This is just my opinion, so please don't take this for a fact. I know that I could've saved this blog for Halloween, but this is coming from me after playing both the original Dead Space again and Silent Hill: Downpour, so I figured that this is a good a time as any for me to personally write this. Enjoy!

(Silent Hill Franchise)

Being what has to be the most popular horror franchise in gaming, this franchise wasn't allowed to be left out, more because my personal thoughts on it are hopefully a little interesting. With how I think it has been doing, my opinions aren't as high as some may have thought. With Silent Hill: Downpour majorly disappointing me, almost to the point of me not wanting to finish it, I can safely say that, at least for me, the way they're making Silent Hill games right now isn't working. And while it does scare me every once in a while, it's a little more rare for the new Silent Hill to really frighten me, which the old ones did constantly. This franchise isn't going to good places unless Konami gets a team that can bring something new to the table, because I don't think that Ventra(or Vantra. I apologize if I said it wrong) really has a good grip on making these games anymore. This is how I think this franchise can improve: bring in a new developer, and one that has a lot of experience with horror games like the team that worked on Amnesia: The Dark Descent, for instance, to really install some more horror into this franchise. And don't keep going so much toward the third person play that Downpour has, but just use the gameplay from Homecoming(I apologize again if the gameplay is the same, but I haven't played Homecoming in a long time, and I could have sworn that they were different, with Homecoming being better. Please correct me the comments below), which would serve the horror factor all the more, because I couldn't defeat those axe head guys without a gun, and I was usually out of ammo. If Konami did this, than I would be happy as clams to go out and buy the next Silent Hill game. But for now, I don't see myself doing it.

(Resident Evil Franchise)

This franchise closely follows Silent Hill with popularity, and it has also left those awful tank controls of the originals behind for a more action focused play style. And with Silent Hill as well as Resident Evil, it worked for a game or two, but it really doesn't fit the franchise. I don't think that Resident Evil is doing too well on the horror end of things, with Resident Evil 6 being a straight up third person action game. And while I did have fun with Resident Evil 6, it didn't really feel like Resident Evil to me, which should never happen with a game with the words Resident Evil on it. I don't think this franchise is doing well, and while I don't usually want to bring news into my opinions, I would like to say something that will both cover the last part I have to cover, which is what Resident Evil needs to do to improve, and to reassure fans. Capcom has said that, with the negative response to Resident Evil 6's straying away from horror, they will take the franchise back to it's horror roots. And while I can't tell whether that means we will have to put up with horrible tank controls again or if it's just going to be scarier has yet to be said, but either way, I'm a little happier.

(F.E.A.R. Franchise)

Unlike the other two franchises that I've talked about so far, F.E.A.R. has always had a shooter focus, but the horror elements are so great that this game franchise really made it possible for FPS to be horror games too. But this franchise has sort of lost its way with the horror aspect. Although I can safely say that the first F.E.A.R. scared the crap out of me, I can't say the same for the other two in the franchise. F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin didn't scare me at all, and F.3.A.R. scared me about twice, which is sad, because this franchise is suppose to be in the horror genre. I don't think personally that F.E.A.R. is doing well at all in the horror genre, because it's lost all the scares before it could really use them. What Warner Bros. Games needs to do to fix F.E.A.R. is get a writer that knows horror, get a team that can make horror games, and give the game about four to five years to let the franchise die down a little, because I almost see F.3.A.R. as a ruining of anything scary in this game franchise.

The last franchise is certainly not the least, and has done the best out of all of these games at keeping horror part of it's stature. And although I know that I might catch a lot of flak for including a newer franchise with these older franchises, this series has had three main games, a Wii spin off, and a mobile game.

(Dead Space franchise)

This franchise has been able to keep the horror, for the most part, completely intact throughout the franchises rather short history. The first one was incredibly scary, and I purposefully play it at night with the lights turned off the get the most out of it, because I can't sleep afterwards. And while the amount of scares has easily diminished since Dead Space 1, I still think that this the definitive horror franchise, and ones that these older horror franchises should look to for some pointers as to what to do next. I think that this franchise is doing very well on the horror end, and although Dead Space 3 could have been a little scarier, I still got freaked out a good amount of the time while playing it. And as for how this franchise could improve, I can't honestly give any advice on how the horror can be better, because it's that good.

Tell me how you think these franchises are doing(horror genre wise), tell me what they could do to improve, or just tell me how you liked the blog, in the comments below. I know that I might have missed a couple of franchises, but these are just the ones that I've that I figured I should write about(I haven't played any horror games on the PC, because I'm not a PC gamer except for Minecraft). Hope you enjoyed the blog. Have a nice day!