I am writing this blog because I can't get over how most devs at least mess up one time. It's seems to be just what happens, and I don't think there's much stopping that. But this blog is for the devs that I think haven't even messed up one time. This is just my opinion, although, unlike most of my blogs, there is some fact with this one. Enjoy!

(Bethesda Game Studios)

I might catch flak for this being on this blog, but I honestly can't name a single game from Bethesda that I haven't enjoyed, from Fallout to Skyrim. Plus, they have plenty of other games from their publishing end, like Dishonored, which are also great games. Bethesda has two big games coming out for next gen consoles(The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: A New Order) that also look like really good games, so Bethesda doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, either.

(Rockstar Games)

If you can name a bad game that Rockstar has made, than you really have to dig for it. No game that they have made dissapointed me, from GTA IV to Bully to Red Dead: Redemption. They also have GTA V coming out soon, so they aren't leaving with just those games listed above in our heads for the next five years, but I do have to wonder what games they're making besides GTA V, because I don't seriously think that that is the only game that they have in development, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some new IP from Rockstar for the next console generation.


Perhaps it's because they take about five years to make each game, but I still can't complain, because they constantly make games I want to play, like the Half Life 2 series, Portal, Team Fortress 2, and the Left 4 Dead franchise. And while they just came out with the excellent DOTA 2, I can't wait to see three things from Valve( Left 4 Dead 3, Half Life 3, and the now famous and mysterious Steambox), so we can safely say that as long as there is a demand for those three things, Valve will have games to go to and new hardware to make. But don't take any longer for Half Life 3, because I've waited long enough!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Tell me in the comments below which Developers you think haven't messed up a game yet, tell me what companies should have been on this list, or just tell me how the blog was. I hope to hear from all you readers about your opinions(hopefully backed up by facts, but I won't be picky). Have a nice day!