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Is Violence Necessary In Video Games?

We all knew that I would have to talk about this, seeing as how almost every game being made now a days has you shooting people or cutting people with knives and swords, and every parent and congressman thinks that it makes teens violent. So, with that in mind, I'm going to speak my opinion on whether it effects teens, whether it's necessary, and how I personally feel about violence in games. This is my opinion, so please don't take this for a fact. Enjoy!

First, my thoughts on whether violence makes teens more violent. Many parents(mine included), would say that it does effect teens heavily. I, on the other hand, do not. While video games with violence definitely are what teen gamers talk about most, and that's the types of games that teens seem to look forward to the most, I don't think that violent video games make teens more violent. I play violent video games, and I'm not violent at all, and I never want to fight. All of my friends that play video games play really violent video games, but they aren't that violent. I just think that this is just a way for people who don't really like violence in video games to try and make it a bigger deal than it is, and they're probably hoping that, by making a big deal out of it, there won't be as many violent video games. But what they can't wrap their heads around is that it's just a video game, and that any sane person playing those games understands that there is a difference between video games and real life.

Now on to the part that this blog is named for, which is my thoughts on whether violence is necessary in video games, which is a very difficult question to answer. But, with a hopefully good explanation, I am going to have to say that it's necessary, only because that's a real thing that happens every day, and video games seem to be getting more real all the time. If there wasn't any violence in video games, than almost none of the memorable games, from Bioshock to Super Mario Bros., would exist, and that thought alone says to me that it is necessary. Plus, violence sometimes really hits home with the story that a game is trying to tell, like The Last Of Us or Dead Space, to a degree. And while that's the question that I really hope my parents never ask me, because that's just hard to explain to someone who either doesn't play games or doesn't really like violence.

And now for my final topic. How do I feel about violence in video games? This is a question that I easily have made up, which is that I feel that it's okay in video games, as long as it makes sense with the story. If it's an online multiplayer military shooter, than that's the only real excuse. In military shooters, you are a soldier at war, and people die in war. In games like Bioshock and Half Life, the story really demands that you have to fight and shoot these things to reach some better resolution. But if the story or genre doesn't make sense for violence, than it doesn't belong. If violence really moves the story along, or if violence does something for character development, which will effect the story later on, than I agree full on that it's in the game, but if it's just there to be there, than I don't like it as much. The shining example for it doing something for story is really The Last Of Us, and the shining example of it being just there is Bulletstorm, which I don't think really had all that great a story myself. And although both are fun, The Last Of Us really almost makes you feel bad for the violence you're committing, which is something that I've waited for for the longest time in a game, while Bulletstorm's just like, "Lasso his crotch, shoot him in the face, and then throw him crotch first into a spike pit," for no real good reason, which just seems lazy to me, because violence shouldn't be used ever to sell a game alone, and that's what sold Bulletstorm.

Tell me in the comments below what you think about violence in video games, what you think about this blog, or what kind of blog you want to see next. And I hope that I don't get a bunch of angry parents going down to the comments section and saying that the violence in video games needs to stop and that it's corrupting the youth's minds, even though it's been proven time and time again that it doesn't. Have a nice day!