I love racing games. I love the fact that I can drive all of these cool cars that I will probably never drive in real life, and just destroy the crap out of them, and then repair them, starting the whole process over. And while some racing games try to break the mold, there are a few things that I think racing games should have, just to make the world feel more alive and real. Enjoy!

1.(You Set Up Where You Race, and How Long The Race Is)This would make a racing game truly one of a kind. You could set up where you want to race, and you could decide how much you were going to be able to win by the length of the race. But there would also have to be a couple of systems in place to keep a player from using the same exact area, like police watching the area they just raced in. And the police watch wouldn't last for just one race, but more like a real life two days, an in game week. That way players have to find a way to use the whole city, and race every part of it masterfully. And if you were to try and race in the police watched areas, than there would be a huge chance that you would get caught.

2.(If You Get Arrested, You Lose Your Car, But Have The Chance To Get It Back)If you were to get arrested in most games, either you lose the xp bonus for the chase, or you lose some money. But this would make a police chase truly tense, when getting caught means losing that sweet ride that you're enjoying so much. But, if you did get caught, you could get it back, by breaking into the impound lot and stealing it back. You would probably have to give it a paint job, at the least, you would have you're car back.

3.(Be Able To Get Out Of Your Car)I don't mean like with GTA or any other sandbox, but to make it feel as if you are actually playing as a person, not as a car. Do it for missions, do it for fun, do it to steal another car while in a police chase. This would really make the street racer mentality of most racing games feel more realistic, and it would be a change up from the more arcade style racers on the streets.

4.(Have A Top Ten Racers Of The City and Country List, And Not Just Be Able To Move Up It, But Down It Too)If they had this, than you wouldn't be able to feel safe after beating the next guy up, because he could challenge you at any time. That would make being at the top even more difficult, when you barely beat number 1 one time, but you have to try racing him and beating him again. That would make being on that top ten list even more fun.

5.(Have An Entire Country, With Races All Over It, From Small Races To Cannon Ball Run Sized Events) Just make an entire country with people to race. And for races that are like the Cannon Ball Run, Make it a sprint race that you have to stop at motels as save points, where you can pick up the next day after work. And once you were to get to the top, you wouldn't lose it if you could race and keep it. Leave a whole nation for the player to race in and become a street racing legend in. What doesn't sound fun about that?

6.(Write A Good, Compelling Story)I understand that this is probably really difficult, but I know that somebody could do it. With some of the ideas above, a great story could pretty much write itself. It just needs to be written down. Most racing games don't really have good stories, and that's usually chalked up to it being a racing game, and that they don't need stories. But a great story could happen to a racing game. It just hasn't really been done yet.

These are just my opinions, so please don't take them for a fact. I want to hear from you about what you think would make the racing genre better. I don't think that any answer would be stupid, so if you have an idea, feel free to type it down. I'm not going to hate on it if it's not the best, so write anything at all that you think will make these types of games better. Have a nice day!