(This my first parody blog, so let's hope it's funny.)

These are the next big games, the ones that everybody is watching for, and I'm here to tell you what they are, along with some maybe true, maybe parodic, news for the game.

(Bioshock Infinite 2)You thought that Bioshock Infinite's ending could have been confusing. You play through the game, and you see the ending. You know, it's a little different, but you really saw it the same thing in Bioshock Infinite. Then, you here you're companion, which is a talking lizard, say that this whole world is a lie. Than you fight through the world in reverse, going from ending to beginning. Than, as your lizard is about to poison you, for some stupid reason, you learn that you are......Leonardo Dicaprio. Than the world turns upside down, you go into two dreams, and than you wake up in a wavepool. Sequel.

(Call Of Duty:Black Ops III)I'm not even going to joke about this, because this is probably real. And I won't say anything, because they might make a horrible idea like Strikeforce all over again. I just want pre-modern again.(cries for hour because COD made him do this)

(State Of Decay: ?)Everything was a lie. Instead of zombies, it's zombie alien gorillas that like Dominoes. They are here to take all of the Dominoes restaurants, and you're trying to survive, because the only restaurants around are Dominoes and a local Taco Bell, and the Taco Bell is closed down due to new management. You will have to fight the aliens to get your pizza back, and you will have to fight all of the glitches from the original.(feels disappointed in self. makes useless update.)

(Deus Ex: Human De Evolution)When the augs get to controlling, you, a non aug, are tasked with making the aug technology disappear. And you have all the lame powers that normal people have, like bad body odor, and weak strength. And your guns? They break pretty much all the time, because you couldn't afford those cool guns, but instead have the crappy guns from the present. And the end? No choices. You watch the cutscenes, see the credits for 5 seconds before you attempt to skip them, and get a cool "congrats!" screen for your troubles. You're welcome.

(Metro: Last Lightbulb)You work in the post apocalyptic metros as the guy who replaces the lightbulbs that Artyom keeps shooting. You have to fight off monsters and other people as you replace the various lights in the metros. The last boss is you fighting against Artyom, and you will wonder why you fought and killed him when you don't have anybody to keep giving you lightbulbs to replace, so you go on a mutant killing rampage and save the world.

(The War Z: Yeah, We're Still Lying)Do I even have to explain this one? Well, it's the same thing as the first one, except with a stupider name. I'm sorry for ever thinking that this was worth me reporting on.(Cries for gamers everywhere because of Hammerpoint Interactive's careless antics to try and con money off of people. Just in: They blocked me from everything because I asked them a question about why the game didn't deliver on what they said it would. Sad me.)

This was just me having a good laugh, and hopefully you laughed too. Tell me whether or not I should do more parodic blogs, or just forget about it, and tell me why, if you don't. I hope you enjoyed this laugh. Have a nice day!