I think that Call Of Duty could change in a number of ways, and after this being suggested by Angel Turkey, who writes some magnificent blogs, I decided to let you guys know what I think Activision could do to improve Call Of Duty. Some of these ideas might not be too good for Call Of Duty, but I think that anything can be good for COD if it's done right.

(Campaign length and linearity) I don't like how Call Of Duty's campaigns are always about 6 hours to play, and I hate that they are incredibly linear. I think that it might be a good idea to make it an open world, in this futuristic city, where everything would happen, and the player can progress it at their speed. The length of the campaign should be about 10 hours long, with a lot of hard choices, like in Black Ops II, that really effect the story. With this longer length, there would be more time for character development, and without it being so linear, there would be many side missions that we could do, further stretching out the runtime for a playthrough.

(Killstreak choices) I think that there should be choices beyond the ones in the game, as long as something from the game is being used. What I mean is that, maybe I want to have a killstreak similar to that jet mission in the original Black Ops. If a vehicle like that was designed in the game, let it be so. And the players should be able to choose whether or not they want to control every killstreak in the game, because I actually don't like controlling the killstreaks, and prefer that they just do their job while I'm racking up kills behind them, doubling my effectiveness. This would make for some truly cool and creative killstreaks that would be very cool to see.

(Nazi Zombies) I don't really like zombies, because I would like a story in it. They could take a couple of guys from the rest of the dev team and have them right a story for the zombies mode, and I don't care if it's the most cliche thing imaginable, with every single zombie story stereotype ever. I just want to be able to have a story with my zombies, because it would definitely make zombies mode the second campaign. It could be about 5-6 hours, because I don't need a really long zombie campaign. Just something to keep me interested for longer than one 1 hour match, where I constantly do stupid stuff, because the concept has worn thin on me.

(Perks) I think that they should have some of the perks from zombies, to really spice things up. That camper with a Barret .50 Cal will do a double take when he hits me in the chest and I don't go down because I have Juggernog, or some sort of variant of it. If they add some fun perks, like the one I just mentioned, late, like in the last 5 levels, it would really add variety to gunplay, and make the rank over the player's little soldier more than just a number. Just weird perks that don't make any sense at all, like being able to jump 9 feet in the air(it would be called Predator) would definitely make the game more fun to play.

(New Enemy Types) In the campaign, there should be more enemy types. If it's set in the future, or even the near future, than there could be some cool enemy types. Like silent invisible ninjas, that you can only detect by thermal, or hulking M60 toting behemoths that, unlike Juggernauts, will take a crap load of ammo and strategy to take out, or the super agile parkour runners, who you only have an advantage against at a distance. If there were a lot of different enemy types, than I would have a lot more fun, with a parkour runner and a behemoth both coming at me in the late game.

(Co-Op and even 8 person Online Campaign) With this, the new enemy types mentioned above would definitely bring out the teamwork aspect of things. And with 8 people online, the game could throw 6 times as many enemies, making sure that the players are all still being challenged. Let them all share ammo if they want, further taking the teamwork aspect. And they don't even have to all be together. They can all split up to take care of different missions for the team as a whole, making the city feel more like an actual world.

(Weapon Customization) While I think that the customization that is in place at the moment is very deep, it could be a whole lot deeper. They could take a page out of Army Of Two: The 40th Days' book and make it to where you can change out the different parts of your gun to be truly your own. And the parts would actually have there own goods and bads, so it would be a little more than just aesthetics. And there wouldn't be a part that couldn't be put on a gun. Nothing would be off limits, and everybody would be able to create something that they hadn't seen before, and get to use it.

(Add Some Weirder Multiplayer Modes) I would like to see some truly odd multiplayer modes, like a mode that has matches lasting an hour, where you are in the city, just trying to hunt down the traitors. The people hunting down the traitors have the advantage of 3 to 1 odds, but the traitors have the advantage of having a cloaking system and being with a stealth-based class and perks. There should be game modes where players can only be killed by getting shot in places that would kill someone in real life, for people who don't like how they can die by getting shot in the foot, and instead can only be killed by back, chest, and head shots. And they should make a game mode where one player is trying to get information out of the city, and he has to not seem suspicious to the snipers, who are all the other players hunting for him. These sorts of game modes would definitely put the multiplayer of COD up higher than that of any other game, like Battlefield 3.

This is just my opinion, so please don't take it for a fact, and tell me in the comments below what you think of my ideas, and I want to hear some of your ideas, and I don't think that there could be a stupid idea. Have a nice day!